I Love my Jeep!

by Nohra-Cecilia
(Kamloops, BC, Canada)

The day I bought my jeep...

The day I bought my jeep...

I have always loved Jeeps. In fact, the small ones because they are very cute, but a few weeks ago I ended up having the Wrangler Sahara Unlimited 4 x 4 because it fits better with my style of life.

For me this type of Jeep is more convenient, stylish, and comfortable for the passengers. It is also very strong, fine, and gorgeous. I love it because it makes me feel great when I’m driving it because it’s so big! I actually have trouble getting in or out of it because it is very high, but that’s what I like the most from my Jeep and that it’s so tuff and I feel so feminine and delicate driving it.

For me it’s like riding a bull, and that makes me feel strong, confident, and why not say it...sexy as well!

Larry's Comment: Nice looking Wrangler JK Unlimited there Nohra-Cecilia.

There is definitely something positive to be said for increased passenger and cargo space...and of course 4-wheel drive.

Comments for I Love my Jeep!

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Nothing finer than a woman and her Jeep!
by: joseph

NIce looking Jeep. I have a 2006 and it still runs like new so I have no need for a new one, but eventually...:) You are right about them being tough. Just a curious question- how many Jeeps did you have in your life? I was a fan of the Jeep when I'd first seen one as a young kid. I personally believe nothing beats a Jeep. Now I have kids of my own and they are getting the "JEEP FEVER". :)

Nice Jeep..Beautiful Jeep Driver
by: Jim

It's fun to see women driving Jeeps. It says a lot about who you are and what you like. Rugged individualism isn't just a man's game when you say Jeep.

Have fun with your Jeep and take it off-road once and a while for the fun of it!

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara with hard top.
by: Maria

I want this car too, and my friend has this car also.

Still love my Jeep!
by: Nohra-Cecilia

Wow, I wrote this article in 2011! I still have my Jeep and I love it! It's part of me, and I wouldn't change it for any other type of car!

Thank you all for your nice comments.

Answer for Joseph
by: Nohra Cecilia

Joseph, sorry for my late response. It took years! Ha-ha-ha! I just never visited this page before, but now I am receiving notifications when someone writes a comment.

I had one Jeep many, many, many years ago in Colombia, but it never worked well. So I would say that this is really my first Jeep.

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