I Saw Him (Jeep CJ) and 10 mins. Later He Was Mine!

by Johanna Wechselberger
(Vienna, Austria, Europe)

Hi, I am Johanna, from Vienna, Austria.

Since I was a kid I liked Jeeps, but just because of their looks. Hey, I am a woman. But still, one of those who repaired her motorbikes herself when she was younger ;-)

I have had a Cherokee once, but it was not the best car I've ever had. I always dreamed of having one of those old boys.

Last December, some days before my birthday, I passed by a fire department in a little village in the mountains of Austria. I saw a red Jeep with a piece of paper in the window. I thought, who wants to sell that? That's a keeper, but a paper with a mobile number means "buy me".

I stopped, looked into the Jeep's eyes and heard him whisper "take me home"....

So I called the number and waited 3 more minutes for a firefighter to get out of the house and make a test drive with me down and up the mountain.

Five minutes later he was mine. It was all emotions...no brains :-D

I didn't know if he was truly ok, or if there was a lot of rust. I didn't care. We were bonding immediately.

And some days later, on my birthday, I drove home with my best birthday present ever :-)

Some details?

Low mileage, and well maintenanced by the fire department. The
boy never drove more then 20km distance... he is like new!

I drove him to Vienna (270km) at 120km/h and he liked it. He wanted to go 140km/h, but I didn't wanna overdo it ;-)

Now, some months later, I managed to do all the legal stuff I had to do (inspections, registry, ...)

As the red color was faded on the right side I repainted him sand-color...ok, it's more like vanilla, but it's good and friendly.

And soon he will have a 2-group old-timer Espresso machine (with 2 levers) on his back, and I will make and sell coffee at some special events with my boy.

I am a barista trainer, I have a coffee school, so my Jeep will be advertising with me when we drive through town or stand at specialty markets or special events.

There are some pictures on FaceBook on the page of our Vienna School of Coffee:

(I deleted the link because I didn't want to advertise, but if you just want to see some Jeep pics you'll find the school on FB)

I will post more Jeep stories there soon :-)

Cheers from Vienna,

Larry's Comment: Nice Jeep and great story, Joey!

Could you give us more info about your Jeep, such as specific year and model, engine, transmission, cool mechanical stuff...you know...guy things...ha!

You can use the "Comment" link below if you choose. Thanks!

Comments for I Saw Him (Jeep CJ) and 10 mins. Later He Was Mine!

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by: azzurevirus

Congrats on your Jeep...wish you many happy miles together!

Love of Jeeps
by: Dave

Great story about the Jeep. I purchased a 1977 CJ 7 in dune buggy yellow in 1981. Had a lot of fun with that girl. My friends nick named her Daisey, but I didn't mind. She could handle her own in the mud. Now years later I am thinking more seriously about finding a classic. Need to look harder here in the U.S. but I think your story inspired me : )

I saw Him
by: steve

I know the feeling, I restore old Muscle cars and my youngest son suggested doing a CJ7 to go out through the trails. Needless to say, 5 jeeps later we are still doing the Jeep thing.

I am going to turn my ambition into a very positive thing. I am going to refurbish the older CJ7 and old Wranglers and sell them and donate the money to St. Judes and the Childrens Hospital in Philly.

It will give me the oppurtunity to do work on one of the greatest trucks around, while learning all the problems with them and selling them and doing good for children with a dreaded illness.

I wish you a lot of fun miles on your Jeep. Take care.


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