by Jim

I prefer a Jeep to a Hummer, for aesthetic and personal reasons. I think Hummers are ridiculously large and eat up too much gas. I think especially in today’s war-time economy, it’s a little disgusting to drive such a vehicle—not to mention costly! A Jeep is more classic and compact. I love convertibles because I like the wind in my hair, and riding in a Jeep is the next best thing. A Jeep evokes images of safaris and exotic places. A Hummer evokes images of someone aggressive, pig-headed, and with too much money. I think unless you’re in the military, there’s no reason why you should drive such a vehicle. I’ll be happy when I see Hummers disappear.

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by: Anonymous

Well Mr "I Prefer Jeeps to Hummers"...I am a Hummer owner and I'm not the least pig-headed.

I may be a little aggressive, but that's only when I have to deal with dumb a$$ people. Who cares how much money I spend on gas? I'm not asking you to buy it for me.

I bought it for the safety factor. I have 4 kids and was recently rear-ended by a Lexus that was going 60 to my 30 mph. Let's just say
that car did not fair too well.

I'm sick of people trying to tell me that I need to cram my family in some small economical car. I think more of my family than that, especially since today's cars are made of cheap plastic and styrofoam.

Yeah, I'll take my lovely H2 any day over any other car or truck!

Your entitled to your opinion
by: Wheels his H3s

But that does not make it fact. You prefer Jeeps, great, that is your choice. But that does not mean you have the right to classify all people that purchase a different option as pis headed, aggressive and rich. Until you start paying for my gas your opinion on my vehicles MPG has absolutely zero relevance. BTW, in case you didn't know the H3 doesn't get much worse than a Jeep and I don't see you complaining about all the people running around in trucks that get worse than the H2.

You prefer Jeeps and I prefer Hummers, neither are wrong. Where we differ is that I accept your choice and am not bigoted toward those that make that choice simply due to ignorance of the brand.

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