It's Hardware that Defines the Winner between Jeep and Hummer

by Lance

H3 Hummer (File Photo)

H3 Hummer (File Photo)

Some people pick the Hummer H3 over the Jeep because they want comfort. In my opinion, if the trail is so easy that comfort is a priority and not progress over uneven land, then you might as well just compare them in the mall parking lot.

The Hummer H1, and indeed, even the original Humvee (which is a beast), was designed to blast across open sands. Its wide stance, which would've helped stabilize it and prevent it from sinking, is also its downfall when it comes to rock crawling. Independent Suspension just doesn't flex much, and its size would mean difficulty in getting across tight spaces.

The Jeep Wrangler was designed for rock-crawling, and as such, has solid axles all front and rear. They flex much better than independent suspension types, they are much more durable, they are easier to lift, and easier to maintain. This also means a harder, bouncier ride than the Hummer, but at least it can also go where a Hummer could.

Most "Off-road" trails that autoblogs use to compare these two vehicles are simply uneven terrain with some bits of rocks scattered here and there. The Jeep could do it. The Hummer could do it, with more comfort. But then, so could a lifted rally car, or a Land Rover.

But in a real off-road scenario, with car-sized rocks and other obstacles around you, it's no comparison. Durability and simplicity wins. It's the Jeep Wrangler, hands down. Not even the venerable H1 would dare tackle rocks that big. It simply wasn't designed for it.

I'm not saying the Hummer is incapable. I'm just saying the Jeep is more capable. It's the hardware that determines the winner, and although the Hummer does its job well (open off-road area), so does the Jeep. In addition to what the Hummer can do, the Jeep does rock crawling and open off-road runs, just minus the comfort.

Larry's Comment: Each has a specific purpose, no doubt Lance...and each has its own limitations. From what you are saying, the Jeep just has fewer limitations than the Hummer when it comes to function.

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Adam's Comment
by: adam

The Hummer was intentionally designed to sink, sir. Who would like to float while fording 30 inches of water? Not someone who drives a Hummer. The Jeep by the way cannot go fording that deep. The Hummer can go sideways on a 40 degree slope, because of its low center of gravity, while the Jeep can't. It would fall on its side and probably roll.

P.S. No car can go over "car sized rocks".

What to clarify?
by: Wheels his H3s

First, you want to clarify the trails both are tested on that are basically just uneven terrain with a few rocks? You ever heard of the Rubicon trail? I am sure you have since the top Wrangler model is named after it. Guess since the top model is named after it then it must be pretty tuff huh? A number of automotive journalists have tested Hummers on those trails and I also have a lot of friends that run it regularly in stock H1s, H2s and H3s.

"But in a real off-road scenario, with car-sized rocks and other obstacles around you, it's no comparison." Are you trying to claim that there is even one Jeep model that can crawl car sized rocks straight off the showroom floor? A highly modified Jeep, sure but then you want to compare it to a stock Hummer. I don't think so. Name a well known trail in the US and I more than likely know somebody that has run it in a basically stock (maybe tire change) Hummer.

Both stock straight from the showroom with comparable drivers there is only one Jeep model that has a chance of out wheeling a Hummer and that's the Rubicon. It has some advantages but that isn't always enough. Not going to claim I am some incredible driver but have out wheeled modified Rubis in my stock H3 more than a few times but that came down to the driver.

Sure a Jeep is easier to modify. If you like taking the easy route by all means, but I like a challenge and not being just another of the dozens seen every day. Sure the Hummer is more luxurious, and that's what I want since 90% of the time my daily driver is on the road, but I get the bonus of that luxury while passing Jeeps on the trail as well.

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