Jeep is more practical

by Luis

For an off road vehicle I would prefer an older Jeep than a Hummer. Although there is a certain stigma that comes along with owning and driving a Hummer, a Jeep is much more practical.

Putting a custom suspension under a Jeep is much less expensive and easier to work with. In addition, I prefer the shorter and narrower wheel base that Jeeps have. They seem to be more optimal when navigating tighter areas and can get you through, over, and around most obstacles that may decide to block the way. Also, should there be a break down or accident while on a trail I would feel much more comfortable addressing those issues with a Jeep as opposed to a Hummer. This is due in large part because of workability and the overall financial ramifications that could ensue with a larger and all around more expensive vehicle. Parts as a whole, both new and salvaged are much more available with Jeeps.

Finally, I would definitely be more interested in building out a custom motor to drop in a Jeep than with a Hummer. This is important because I would have direct working knowledge of the engine and be able to quickly diagnosis any problems it was having. For cost effectiveness and overall performance, I would choose a Jeep over a Hummer.

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