In England blokes retire at 65, which I did.
My boring trusty economobile, a Ford Focus, had to go.

Spotted an unloved '06 Jeep Cherokee ("Liberty" in the USA) 2.8L CRD back of a local car lot. Traded in the Ford. I became the proud custodian of a noisy, expensive lady companion who talks to me with every bump, twist and turn, she demands attention even when parked on my driveway.

Mostly warm and forgiving, but she"ll spit gravel and fly off the handle if pushed too far, leaving sporty cars in clouds of smoke.

Words from a Mary Chapin Carpenter song come to mind..."I THINK I'LL KEEP HER"

Dave W


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by: Steven Burn

Congratulations on the new car, the Cherokee's are fantastic (and yep, leave boy racer types for dust).

UK Cherokee
by: Mike

How expensive are parts for Jeeps in the UK?

Jeep Parts Costs
by: DaveW

Hi Mike (and all),

Jeep Ownership costs in the UK.

Buy price of vehicle new/used is lower than most equiv. 4x4. The trick is to know your Jeeps and seek low miles specimens. Check service/usage history, oil/coolant leaks. Favour as-factory un-modified examples. Does it drive/brake straight? Listen for drive-train clunks and noises.

Jeep dashboard dials/lights tell a story, so don't ignore them! Get dealer to fix the obvious/adj.££, or walk away.

Heavy duty vehicle parts are meaty and expensive, Jeep parts fall into this category.

Daimler/Chrysler aren't fools, they design/build fine products. Owned Land rovers for years, great kit, but enjoy my Cherokees. Must be a Jeep thing.


by: Anonymous

There are no international boundaries when it comes to " A Jeep Thing". Enjoy.

Windshield Wipers 02/07 Cherokee
by: DaveWnonymous

Fussy me again,

Don"t wish to bore you serious off-roaders, but it seems some folk hit snags replacing wiper blade sets on their 02/07 Cherokee/Liberty.

After much messing around bought "SET 30" front, Bosch "SINGLE 11" rear. Halfords! £22.48 lot.
Stock codes 320358 & 701003 respectively.
Mopar spec. 19"/19" front, 11" rear for correct fit, function, and motor torque loading.

"SET 30" is 20"/18" passenger, equal torque load.
"SINGLE 11" swap plastic pivots, perfect fit.
All metal build, graphite rubber, good job.


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