Jeeping, Off Roading, Environmentalists, and the Feds

by Larry H. Morton
(Texas, USA)

As a Jeep Lover, off roader and an American, the more that our freedoms and rights are taken (or given) away, the more questions I have such as:

1) Why does the government own, control or manage so much land in the United States of America? (Look it up..especially Utah)

2) Who or what is the Environmental Protection Agency (aka EPA) actually "protecting"?

3) Why are environmentalists so gung-ho to champion more government land control when our government can't even manage itself anymore?

Land closures or severe restrictions to off road vehicles tells me one important thing...and that is...the government has way too much control and power that it was never supposed to have in the first place.

Most environmentalists are often whacked out freaks of the "nature" they are trying to preserve. (The cute young lady hugging the tree in the photo above may be an exception.)

Who are these clowns who will put farmers and loggers and entire industries in horrible financial and personal situations for the sake of some fish, bird or lizard?

I personally take great care of the environment, without the help of these folks who are willing to help destroy the human rights of others for something that is not human.

And before you think I don't love animals, you are totally wrong. The difference is that the environmentalist would allow humans to suffer for the sake of a "snail darter fish" or some
such creature...while I still believe that people are much more important than a fish.

The EPA just loves the whacky environmentalists because they are highly instrumental in keeping this out-of-control federal agency in power. So who does the EPA protect the most? You guessed it...the environmentalist! A little "quid pro quo" don't ya know?

Okay, back to off roading. Do some off roaders make messes and leave a few marks on the land? Absolutely!

Can the environment repair itself? It has for thousands of years...without our help I might add.

Do some environmentalists, EPA officials and politicians make messes of peoples rights to enjoy this God-given land of ours? You bet they do!

Can they be stopped before we have no more rights and freedoms at all? Yes, if we act quickly.

So should we as a people who are still in charge of this country (last time I checked) keep letting a few maniacal zealots and a bloated self-centered government infringe upon our human, and yes our civil rights to enjoy this great country's lands...or do we roll over to the loud-mouthed freaks whose agenda goes much deeper than a mere love of nature?

I for one will fight to my last breath for the constitutional freedoms that were granted to us, not by our founders but through our founders by the grace of God.

Please read the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. It's all explained quite well there.

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by: Eric


I love the dirt too, but this is heavy! I am no communist, but I have to believe we need some sort of protection from idiots that don't follow rules. And Utah! Bad example. It's obvious they have too many rights as it is.

Soooo, your not the girl hugging the tree?

Larry's Reply: Eric...we have an abundance of laws to protect us from idiots that don't follow the rules. Prosecute the law breakers and punish them...not the rest of us.

I'm not sure what you meant by Utah folks having "too many rights as it is". The government controls at least two-thirds of the land there.

Also, although I really like trees that is definitely not me hugging one.

Times Have Changed
by: Anonymous

The land has indeed repaired itself over thousands of years - but I don't believe that people were driving Jeeps around thousands of years ago? Nothing is comparable to 4 wheels of a Jeep in terms of erosion and the environment hasn't adapted to deal with it. The key thing here that goes against your argument, is that so much land has been destroyed already (since your founding fathers) that allowing people the exact same rights as they had when the states was first born would be silly, as it isn't the same place. It's a bit like the gun laws in the states (I'm in the UK) - back when the right to bear arms was written, guns took minutes to load a single shot and were not capable of firing 400 rounds per minute. Simply saying that a rule that applied a hundred years ago should remain now is madness!

Editor's Comment: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety" Benjamin Franklin

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