by MADforMUD

Jeep Liberty CRD (File Photo)

Jeep Liberty CRD (File Photo)

My girlfriend has a 2003 CRD one. At first I looked at it as a street car capable of going on some dirt roads.

Now I put on it 3" lift kit, ARB compressor, differential lock, and front a-brackets. I always take her Liberty instead of my Rubicon to go to off road meetings if they are far more than 300km.

I can carry on a lot of things because it's comfy, and it does well off-road. Okay, it's not a JK, but the KJ is good. I've done some heavy trails with it, firstly to see its limits, but then because it's fun to drive.

It's very honest because it tells you before it's at its limit, but trust me, with a good lift kit and some other off road equipment it acts well in mud and snow...

Sorry for my English. I'm writing from Italy.

Larry's Comment: Carrying cargo and passengers is of great concern to most off roaders. That is why the Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and Liberty are often preferable to a Wrangler.

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by: MADforMUD

Hi Larry, it's an honor to see that my comment became a page. Thank you.

It is correct Larry to talk about space. The best off road camp we have in Italy is named JEEPERS METTING, (take a look at videos on youtube) but it is about 600km from my town, and I love to do these things with my family and my dog, so we put the dog in the back cargo, kid in the rear seats, and stuff on the top rack. We camp in there for three nights and back home. But it's in a bush (most of the trail) so a giant car (like Hummers or similar) wouldn't fit through the trees.

There are three levels of trails, blue (easy) red (hard)and black (just for expert, and must have winch).

I really enjoy her KJ. The KK I think is a little less off roader, but I've never tried it...

by: Ed

I own a 2010 Liberty Renegade. I too have taken my Liberty on trails that are hard. I have been amazed at the off road capability of the KJ. Mine is still stock and I have taken it places I never thought I could. A lift and slightly bigger tires will improve it even more. I am really impressed with its manuverability in tight spots. I am sold. Try a Liberty off road and you will come away impressed.

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