Life Finds a way!

by Blackwolf
(Midwest Chicago)

My 2005 Jeep Liberty after owning a 2001 Jeep Cherokee for two years..with tons of electrical problems and other issues it ran awesome and aggressive. It was mean to others on the road while the V8 was a trouble maker and leaving me broke and frustrated with nothing working right.

So I sold it and went to buy another vehicle with 4x4. I was test driving Fords and Nissan..then I seen a 'lil Jeep it said "Liberty" V6 - 3.7L. Wow! It wasn't no V8 and no import car..looked clean, owned by a teen female, never been off road so I test drove it. It was solid, drove good and everything worked.

Anyways, to get to the point I've taken it off road to the Jeep invasion and the sand dunes in Michigan and also to the Badlands in Attica,
Indiana. After careful research and info found on off roading I added 2 tow points in front and one in back. Jeep clubs were useless and I was just looked down upon like a left behind unwanted step child. But I proved every one wrong as I was able to do 80 percent of what Wranglers were doing except going over big giant rocks called axle breakers..and flexing.

Over-landing and camping exploring from sand dunes to jungles in the Congo, chasing dinosaurs in the swamps, this 2005 Jeep Liberty has hung with the big boys..and made it out alive. Even with bigger tires and skid plates added and other custom modifications..people still talk crap about it, but now only behind my back..but when it's seen in 4x4 mode, look's a vicious 'lil velacoraptor I call BLUE..and we all know about raptors.

So I read and read about off roading what ever I could get my hands on to read. What was the 4x4 craze about? Wow, let me say I open Pandora's box again. It was limitless what I could do or learn. So off I went to the Badlands, then to the Jeep
invasion in Michigan at the silver lakes sand dunes. I learned about ORV stickers and what the DNR

I installed my own CB radio after no one wanted to touch my Jeep or had time or the knowledge to do it, so I went to a truck stop and found tons of 4x4 stuff at decent prices. I ordered a ham radio, brought tow straps, read some more and more, watched videos on You Tube.

Finaly found two Jeep clubs that accepted me and seen what I can do, although from time to time I get a snob or two on chat rooms but no one off road at events talks crazy to me anymore. Now, I not only talk the talk but I walk the walk.

What I dislike is finding out I can't flex it well, not yet any ways, and having IFS instead of what the Wranglers have is bogus. Not liking all the ignorance from Wrangler snobs not waving at Jeep Libertys. That's not fair. It's a Jeep also.

Anyways I've proven many Wrangler bullies wrong, but my Jeep is not to fight with others. It's for me to enjoy, to explore the Jeep name. So what if other Jeep clubs laugh at me or are disgusted by my Jeep? So what no one will help me fix my jeep? I'm learning to do it myself and that feels good, and looks good on my Jeep

It will never be good enough to any one else's standards, but to me Blue, my Jeep is coming along fine. I earned her respect. I built her, not brought her. I shed skin and blood for my jeep and work to maintain a family and house while not living off my parents hiding in the basement talking crazy on the internet and bashing on others in cyber space.

This Jeep is challenging but also fun. I don't regret buying it. The Jeep Under Dog strikes again.

Editor's Note: Your "Under Dog" is always welcome here!

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