Looking for a Mahindra Jeep Model Chart!

by Larry
(Texas, USA)



Hello to Any Mahindra Jeep Experts Out There!

This is Larry the author and editor of this website 4-The-Love-Of-Jeeps.com.

I receive a number of inquiries regarding how and where to find certain Mahindra Jeep models new and used.

Since Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M) is an automotive manufacturer/distributor based primarily in India...and also that I am located in the United States of America where Mahindra Jeeps are not sold at the moment...I am beginning to realize that certain models are hard to find...even in India.

I have searched online for websites (including what appeared to be the M & M official website) that might have a concise chart outlining the various Mahindra Jeep models produced over the years...and including the newer models to date.

Questions about models such as the Major, MM540/550, CJ640, Thar, etal., are common.

So far I have not found such websites or any simple breakdown of all Mahindra Jeep models produced past and present.

So, what I am asking is for anyone who might know of a good resource or two (website, book, blog, etc.) whereby I can get this type of information...to help direct those who have specific questions about certain models.

If you have this type of information...please leave a comment below, or Contact Me directly. Your assistance may help me and interested Mahindra Jeep readers as well.

Thanks in advance,


Comments for Looking for a Mahindra Jeep Model Chart!

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Mahindra Major CL 550 MDI
by: manikandan mm550xd.9504@gmail.com

Editor's Note: The following comment is also posted in the "New Jeep-the Mahindra Major" submission and refers to that model only...however, this is a good insight into why it may be so difficult getting specific information about certain models from the Mahindra and Mahindra company.

Mahindra is really not interested in promoting them.

I have seen the jeep in OOTY and I wanted to buy some of the spares for my jeep MM550 XD, and I called the service station number mentioned in that Major jeep.

I called up the service people and they said they don't know about the products. Some of them in the show room said it is discontinued.

They keep transferring my call to each and every one in the showroom and finally I decided to meet the show room directly at Coimbatore. When I went there they directed me to Grey town in Coimbatore.

There the shop owners wanted me to order the products and wait for 45 to 60 days to get the products.


by: Hari

I have been hunting for the same for a very long time. But being a Mahindra owner myself I still dont know about all jeeps produced. Every now and then I come across a model I had never heard of.

The problem mostly being that Mahindra used to make jeeps for a specific audience and sell them in only certain regions. Another problem was that they kept mixing up their engines and chassis over different models and it's quite difficult to keep track of all of them. Especially since Mahindra does not have an official site documenting their history, I'll let you know when I do manage to find something concrete.

Larry's Reply: Thanks Hari! So many older Mahindra Jeep questions...and so few answers to be found...

by: AXN

http://www.team-bhp.com is one of the best automotive forums in India. Its members are great in crowd sourcing automotive knowledge. Maybe you can register into the forum and start asking your doubts till all are answered.

by: AXN

This link can be of some use:


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