Mahindra Grease Monkey

by Edwin P. Tamang
(Darjeeling, West Bengal. India.)

2000 Mahindra Armada

2000 Mahindra Armada

Hi, I'm Eddie, from a small hill station called Darjeeling, in West Bengal, India.

Here the roads are very narrow with steep climbs, so this is where the Jeep reigns. I love jeeps and have grown up with them. The first car I drove was a jeep. I have been driving for the past 21-yrs and have owned a fleet of cars.

My favorite is my 2000 model Mahindra Armada which I have had for the past 11-yrs. It was a standard Armada when I bought it brand new.

I have made a lot of changes after I met with an accident at a construction site, where I survived a 440-watt electrocution, by God's grace. I have lost my right thumb and ring finger. I also have 80% nerve damage, but life has to go on, and I still love to drive my jeep. After three months of treatment the first thing I wanted most to do when I got back home was to drive my jeep.

I have put on 15-inch alloys with 235/75 Michelin tyres. Since l don't have much strength on my right hand I have fitted power steering, power windows, central locking, and a Bolero engine, gearbox and diffs.

I have made custom bucket seats too. I was a grease monkey before my life changed, because I used to do most of my repairs myself. I still am and I will always be one. I do most of the repairs myself even though it takes me twice the time now to get the job well done, but I enjoy it.

So happy jeeping!

Larry's Comment: Grease Monkeys never quit...we just take a little longer to do an oil change!

Glad you are still able to enjoy your nice Mahindra Armada, Eddie.

Comments for Mahindra Grease Monkey

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hello Eddie
by: Dipanjan Ghosh

Hi Eddie,
Nice to hear about your passion for jeeps. I love your Armada. Well I am from Kolkata. I have a MM 550 XD 2001 model. Can you tell me where did you do the power steering conversion from and the parts used? Also I want to own an Armada. If you have any info regarding one, please let me know. Thanks.

Mahindra spares in UK
by: chris

Hello there. I own an Indian Brave Mahindra and here in the UK spares are hard to get. Can you suggest a reliable source for spares? My one has the 2.112 Peugeot engine. Even the correct hoses are hard to find .

Many Thanks,


by: saju xavier

Your Armada have those sharp shapes. It's nice to see more pic! Passion that drives us high..

by: Caddman0

I will have plenty of spares shortly so contact me. UK collection only so let me know via email.

Just bought 2 CJ340' Brave and one Chief. Request what you want. Use email below to contact me.



Specs of 2000 armada
by: sakeer

Can anyone post the specs of 2000 Armada base model??

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