Mahindra MM550XD - NGCS (New Generation Chassis & Suspension)




I have searched for this vehicle across the length and breadth of India and finally last week found this about a mile from where I live.

I decided to buy the Jeep. It is a 2004 model with BOX-Section Chassis, DANA 44 LSD Axles. The Transmission is KMT90 with Dana Spicer. I am looking forward to drive this JEEP everyday.

I salute the American inventors for the Technology and help given to Mahindra & Mahindra, India.

Larry's Comment: That's a beauty Sateesh! I really like the way Mahindra & Mahindra has preserved much of the basic lines of the American CJ but with improved technology.

Comments for Mahindra MM550XD - NGCS (New Generation Chassis & Suspension)

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Newer Version of Indian Army Jeep
by: Anonymous

The latest version of the White Jeep put up by Sateesh has a 5 Speed New Generation Transmission (Reportedly Not Preferred by the Army) and a Borg Warner Transfer Case.

The Alignment of Differentials on Post 2006 is on the LHS if seeing from the back, whereas Pre-2006 is on the RHS. RHS Differential Offset indicates a 4 Spd. Transmission.

Exceptional buy !!
by: Zaheer

That's a beautiful Jeep you have purchased Sateesh, congratulations and I wish you lots of safe adventure and good times in your Jeep.

I'm an ardent Jeep lover and own a 540xd too.
Would love to take a closer look at your Jeep, please do send me an sms on my mobile # 9885347650 if you care to meet up.

by: Sateesh

Sure Zaheer. My number is 09849042329 (Hyderabad-India). I would love to meet you and interact about your vehicle.

Nice Machine
by: Anonymous

Nice machine Sateesh, me also looking for an jeep. How much did u get it for.

Swapnil T

This is junk box
by: Anonymous

This jeep sucks....I've seen this one up close and it's at ram koti hyderabad...there's no connecting rod for the 4wd gear box and body is all rusted out and the paint job is done on the rust to cover the true condition of the vehicle...and the cost is 2,75,'s a mahindra engine not a peugeot one...lads please don't buy this junk but if you really wanna buy it then it's worth just 1,30,000 and less not even a single penny more than that...

Disgruntled Fellow
by: Sateesh

I do not know what you saw in Ramkoti. Maybe some
piece of crap. The NGCS 550 even sold by weight will cross Rs. 2,00,000 in the Army Auction itself. Know your facts before you comment.

Info required on MM 550
by: pskanp

Hello friends,

I'm a fan of jeeps. I wanted to know:

1) from where we can buy MM550 (what is the difference between 550 & 540?)

2) is it possible to put a hardtop on it and 2 front facing seats in the back row and install an Air Conditioner also in the jeep?

3) I live in Kanpur U.P., so will there be any problems in servicing..?

I was considering Thar, but somehow I feel that since I will use jeep only for off roading tours, it will be good for me to save money on it.

Thank You...

by: Prabhu


NGCS or the box type chassis never came with LSD. I see from the picture that it is FFRA and not LSD axles as quoted. Please correct me if I am wrong

Jeep knowledge
by: abhishek

Hi all! I am a newbie to jeeps and am planning to buy a Mahindra army disposal jeep. I need some enlightment on various aspects . My no. is 07579018207. I am inclined towards mm550 but can't decide on ngcs or non ngcs. Help please!

That's a Beast.
by: Victor

I am a hard core fan of mm550, and I own one as well. Mine is 2002. Would you mind me coming and seeing your Jeep? I got my 550 fixed with A/C. I put it up for sale for 3.8 lakhs.

Die hard fan of mm 550
by: Anonymous

I am also a passionate jeep lover and I also own a mm550 xd3p. I rebuilt every thing in this jeep. I love mm550 because it has its unique look with attitude. I stay in hyd.

Planning to buy a jeep mdl 2000/mm550xd
by: Krishna Moorthy Rao

Actually I plan to buy one same military jeep 4/4 second hand 2000 mdl MM550XD. The user told me the gear box he changed. Now avail 4+1 installed. Is that renew some alteration or easily I can install another 5+1 gear box this vechile. If know somebody more about it plz inform me. And the price he is telling 2.6 lkhs. Newly painted good looking, but seat all normal just new rexin, overall almost better looking. Tyre same original wheel rim. Please advice before I buy. Thanks.
watsup No: 966 509028149.

Need info on JEEP M&M 550 X D
by: Shravan Mathur

Hello guys... Looking forward to buying a JEEP M&M 550 X D from army auction. Request some information on how to check a good one. And also how is this jeep as compared to maruti gypsy.


mm550 2005 NGCS
by: abvp

Hello guys,
I have an MM550 2005 NGCS beast with me. 5.2L

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