Mahindra Tractor Ad Lies about Building WWII Jeeps

by John Headley
(Oak Ridge, NJ)

Willys MB WWII Jeep

Willys MB WWII Jeep

Mahindra had no involvement with the building of any of the WW2 Jeeps!!!

How can Mahindra lie to the USA like that on current tractor ads. As is normal you can only "copy" what the USA has developed.

Please ask Mahindra to rescind its current ads on TV!

PS: The Bantam Company (in Pennsylvania), Willys-Overland, and the Ford Motor Company all submitted prototypes in 1941, Willys built most of them and Ford the rest.

Mahindra copied the post war Willys/Jeep which was not even the WW2 style.

Editor's Comment: John...I believe you are referring to the televised ad below.

I have seen this ad myself which apparently is running throughout the United States. When I first saw the ad I had the same thoughts as you.

The ad does give a distinct impression that Mahindra and Mahindra of India was instrumental in building the World War II Jeeps during the war, rather then being licensed to assemble Jeeps from kits supplied by the United States...after the war ended.

I don't know if this inference was intentional, or just possibly worded improperly. Either way I think that the makers of this ad should remove it from the airways or change the wording to more accurately reflect the truth about Mahindra's role in post war Jeeps.

The story of Mahindra and Mahindra and how it became involved with the American Willys/Jeep can be found in the link below.

The Mahindra Jeep of India

I would like to think that the word "liar" may be a bit strong...and that the word "misleading" might be more accurate. Intentional or not, clarification is needed from the Mahindra tractor division regarding the content of this ad.

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by: Shatto

Being born in 1945, I reckon I'm almost seventy...Kinda like the Indian company.

In 1945, two enterprising brothers named J.C. Mahindra and K.C. Mahindra joined forces with Ghulam Mohammed and started Mahindra & Mohammed as a steel company in Mumbai. Two years later, India won its independence, Ghulam Mohammed left the company to become Pakistan’s first finance minister, and the Mahindra brothers ignited the company's enduring growth with their decision to manufacture Willys jeeps under license in Mumbai. The company’s new name - Mahindra & Mahindra, of course.

The success of the worldwide success of Jeep was dependent on two things; lots of leftover military Jeeps and, more importantly over time, parts. Everywhere.

On safari in Ethiopia in the 60s we were able able to find a part from a broken Jeep that fit our broken Jeep out in the middle of nowhere and get home.
Kinda like where you are....

I submit that the Mahindra ad lies no more than American Motors or Chrysler Corporation did in their advertising. In fact, since the Mahindra Jeep was an exact copy, it was closer to the truth than the people who now place the Jeep logo on their own designs.

WWII Jeep used in article
by: Bruce Hoad

It's a bit ironic that an article giving Mahindra a pasting for being misleading shows a Hotchkiss M201 Jeep built under licence, probably in the 1960s, described as a WWII Willys Jeep. That said, both the Hotchkiss and Mahindra are great jeeps.

by: Anonymous

They manufactured jeeps under license...nuff said!


I believe a better choice of words could be used in explaining a discrepancy in the history of the Jeep in India.

The people of India have been our friends and allies in a region where we need friends and allies. To just come out with the language that was used toward them is wrong and uncalled for. It was just plain rude.

I apologize for this and will say not all of us in the USA act this way. I believe this company is big enough and has product lines of such a depth in quality that they do not intentionally mislead people on purpose. They don't have to.

False advertising
by: Anonymous

Misleading ad.

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