Military Willys MB Jeep in France

by Jacques

When I was small a war veteran used a Jeep to work with in his vineyard in Burgundy.

I don't know why but I was dreaming about it. Even if we used to see some of them (it was during the 70's) it was pretty expensive to buy one. My parents didn't have much money to buy an extra car, even if my father was dreaming about having one too.

When I began to work I found an almost complete late MB Willys Jeep for few money. My dream came true! This Jeep had been bought on the American military airport of Orleans in France at the end of the WWII.

The big deal has been to find a trailer at a military auction like we have here. I bought a Bantam and a Willys trailer in perfect condition.

One day I found in a small garage close to my place a Willys with a diesel engine. This was in so bad condition, with so many missing parts. But you know what? It really took time (around 10 years) but I finally found all the original missing parts!

Could you believe that I'm one of the last in the world to use every day a Willys Jeep to work with? And trust me, the pleasure never ended.

These vehicles are full of history, still making us remembering that more than 70 years ago American soldiers came here to give their lives for us.

They brought freedom, and Jeeps of course!

Larry's Comment: Thanks for the great story about your Willys MB, Jacques.

Those old war machines hold a lot of history in their rear view mirrors, and you are indeed privileged to have one of your own in original running condition.

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Jeeps in France
by: Alain

Very nice Jeep. There are a lot in France, and some specialised companies sell spare parts so you can still make a "new" one, except that it will cost the price of a new Mercedes!

And it is legally allowed to drive such a Jeep on all roads, even on highways, I did it.

The police can arrest you in your nice Mercedes because of not fastened belt, not this or you Jeep. They just can say hello because you have the "collector" registration!

We just have to drive carefully, more when it is wet, because old Jeeps are not sport cars.
And wear good clothes when it is cold, or...

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