Miss my '66 CJ5

by Tony

1966 Jeep CJ5  (File Photo)

1966 Jeep CJ5 (File Photo)

My parents owned a 1966 CJ5 with the Dauntless V6 from before I was born. It was the "other" family car in the household.

Sometime around 1983, when I was 15, it was given to my grandfather, who used it occasionally around his property dragging trees he had cut down. I have always wanted that vehicle so I began "borrowing" it from my grandfather after I turned 16.

I used to drive it to high school. In the warm weather with the top off it really attracted the girls, who all seemed to clammer for a ride. As I went off to college, it followed me there too. It came in very handy as my school was in the Lake Erie snow belt. I was a very popular person on campus as often times I was the only one who could get around after repeated 2 and 3 foot snowfalls. Unfortunately a gear tore out of the transmission, forced me to park and eventually sell it. I felt horrible when I did it.

Now I am 41 and I have decided i really want another old jeep. I absolutely love the no redeeming quality of the ride, the feeble, at best, heat, and I'm curious if I still remember how to double clutch.

Now all I have to do is find an unmolested one in good shape that won't cost me an arm and a leg.....

Larry's Comment: There are some good restored CJ5's out there Tony...but like you said they are often quite expensive, if not over-priced, in my opinion. I recently saw a very nice one on craigslist.org in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for $7500.

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Heres One
by: Don

I have a '66 V6 all orig. with locking front and rear hubs, which was orig. Runs good and is having a clutch kit being installed. It's all there and not all rusted up or cut up. Drive it away. Yours for $5000.00 (817)296-6804

1966 CJ5 jeep
by: Anonymous

I bought a '66 Jeep with V6 engine a few years ago in great shape. It has a winch and 2/3 1/3 seat. I paid $2500 for it and I love it

In family since new..'67 CJ5 For Sale
by: Robert

I have a 1967 CJ5 all original, 40K miles and has sat for 15 years. Needs TLC to be great again. Looks great but rusty chassis.

My Jeep has been in the family since new. It has the dauntless V-6 225 engine, warn front locking hubs, 4 speed tranny, and high and low 4-wheel drive shift lever.

Unfortunately, I let it set for 15 years. Ya, I know, but you get busy doing other things. Now I want to sell it to someone to restore with TLC. $2K or best offer.

Robert (408)592-9549 or leave msg. since I live in the mountains.

Will sell mine for the right price
by: Anonymous

I have a 66 CJ5 I purchased in '09 for $3,500. I have since updated the front and rear axles (front disc brakes), new warn hubs, electric fuel pump, SM420 transmissison w/ dana 300 2-lever transfer case. New cloth top, new seats. Winch. It's running great, I want to do a pass or two this summer, but due to some changes in my life I really should sell it. We can negotiate the price, all I want is to recover my costs, but that would put it in the $9,500 range. It's red, looks good, Buick 225 Dauntless eng.

Rod 303.594-9179

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