Money Pit Wrangler TJ

by (No Name Given)

I have a 1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ(4.0 inline 6 cylinder). The Hardtop leaks terribly, and water runs from the back of the vehicle to the front floor mats. My dealership put silicone gaskets around the rear vents on the hardtop and declared it fixed. However, it is still horribly leaky and now the interior smells of mildew. I am furious, but there is not much I can do now. I sent off many an e-mail to Jeep on their website, however I doubt I'll ever get a response.

Is there anyone who has fixed this problem successfully?

I also had tachometer and speedometer problems falling to zero, but dealer ship did fix that and said it was under recall. Steering wheel makes annoying and embarrassing squealing noise when its cold, and believe me it gets cold here in Kansas. Transmission makes weird noise when I shift into reverse, and lurches when I shift out of reverse. Air conditioner knob broken in a weird way, the third dot setting turns the blower off and will not work.

Unless you want to drive a money pit, for off-road fun do not buy a Jeep. Low gas mileage, Uncomfortable ride, expensive problems, cheaply built vehicle. Do not say I didn't warn you.

Larry's Comment: Sorry you've had so much trouble with your Wrangler. Maybe someone reading this will use the "comment" link below to give some helpful advice for some possible fixes.

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Rip It Out
by: Sir WIlliam of Locksley

Rip out all your worthless carpet. It will get rid of your "smell" and make your jeep that much cooler. I mean COOOOOOLER. Yeah that's right. Rip it out, throw it in the trash or an abandoned lot, or an annoying neighbors yard.

To each his own
by: Jeep Lover

I bought a TJ 4 yrs ago with 80K miles and have had modest repairs with outstanding results. The owner broke a bolt and head gasket leaked making it sound like junk and once I fixed that all I needed after a few years was brake pads and a new A/C compressor, best money I ever spent. EVERY car made has the potential to be a pit or a pearl depending on chance and care. If you don't like the ride, get out of it. If you like the ride but not this Jeep, go look at another one and if you can afford it get one under warranty. They are cheap to fix and you can do most maintenance in your driveway. Good Luck

No leaks
by: Anonymous

My Wrangler's soft top windows don't zip up all the way and I still don't get any water in side when it rains

Order the Jeep Wrangler catalog and start ordering everything you need and they have everything you can think of. Most you can do yourself like putting a $300 dollar soft top on.

Find a good mechanic and never take your Jeep or any car to the dealer.

Your probably not a Jeep person so sell it and get a car.

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