My 1972 Jeep CJ5 Renegade

by Pete
( Oregon)

Snow wheeling!

Snow wheeling!

Here's a picture of my '72 CJ5 Jeep Renegade. I had wanted a Jeep as long as I could remember and found this one as a basket case project when I was twenty.

It had been used and abused like most Jeeps of its vintage. Once it was thoroughly thrashed and no longer running the previous owners parked it on the side of their barn, and there it sat for over ten years. I stumbled upon it and luckily they were willing to part with it.

I stripped it down to the bare frame and brought it back up from there. It was originally the Renegade Plum color, but not being a fan of purple I opted to paint it the Mopar Sublime color. It's actually fairly close to the Renegade yellow offered at the time.

It was my goal to keep it looking as close to factory as possible (with the exception of the diamond plate) and was even fortunate enough to find the factory "slot" wheels that came with the Renegade package.

It's powered by the 304 V8 with a T15 3-speed behind it (seems to be the weak link, don't ask). Over all it took me just under two years and most all of my weekly pay checks to restore it. I did 95% of the work myself including the fabrication of the roll cage and the front/rear bumpers, wiring etc. I did some necessary upgrades including a front disc brake conversion and a front shackle reversal.

The Jeep drives great! I'm happy to say I'm not afraid to use it and have put over 10,000 miles on it, both on and off road, all during the first year it was done. I believe it's very possible to take something off road without trashing it.

I love my Jeep. I've had it for over 5 years and never intend to part with it. Shortly after completing it I was offered $15K for my CJ5 and quickly turned it down.

Larry's Comment: Nice CJ5 Pete! I love those old Renegades.

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by: Anonymous

Hello, I am a fellow Jeeper and I too have a 1972 Jeep CJ5 Renegade, but I need one more "slot" rim to make a complete set.

I was wondering where you found yours, or if you knew somewhere that had one for sale. The only rims close to the originals have been Kragars, and since I'm only a seventeen year old working part time it's kind of hard to come up with the money for a set of those because they don't match close enough so that you can't tell the difference. So I'd have to buy a whole set.

Original Slot Wheels.
by: Anonymous

I got mine from the Jeep guy in Portland Oregon. His web site is He ships nation wide. Hit him up and see what he can do. Good luck.

Nice looking Jeep
by: Anonymous

Very nice looking Jeep, you did a great job on it.

I agree with you that you can take a Jeep off road and not trash it or beat up the trails and country side.


Working on an old CJ
by: Dave

Nice work, Pete. My wife just bought a 72 CJ-5. Fair condition, but I get to replace the rear main seal, Yehaw... We look forward to driving it in the woods soon. Got new pan gaskets and rear seal, maybe next weekend I'll get it done.

by: Anonymous

I have a 1972 Jeep Renegade II. Didn't know they made a regular Renegade in '72. Made Renegade I in 1971 and renegade II in 1972. It's all original.

Mine has the black stripes down the hood and Renegade II on the cowl sides same as the Renegade I. Stock engine is a 225 Buick Dauntless Oddfire put in from '65 to '72 CJ's and some Jeepsters. Has the aluminum slots too.

I'm still not sure what they produced or why they would manufacture two different Renegades in that year. I've read that mine was a sport package and only made just over 600 of them. Any knowledge on this would be appreciated.

Renegade II
by: Pete

As far as I know from what I've read the Renegade II was only an option in 1971. Prior to that was the Renegade I and before that in 1969 was the tuxedo park edition.

1972 was the big break through for Jeep Renegade. It was the first year for the V-8 option. The front end was lengthened about 6" and it featured the T-15 speed transmission, Dana 20 t-case along with an open knuckle front axle. The T-18 4-speed was only an option with the 258ci 6 cylinder.

As far as I'm aware the decals pictured on my Jeep where used two years('72 &'73). In 1974 they ran further down the cowl sides. The Renegade package also came with additional gauges, side steps, fender flares and the buyer could choose fro Renegade "Yellow, Orange Or Plum"

Renegade CJ5 1972
by: Russell

I have a 1972 Renegade CJ5, inherited it from my dad. It is the original yellow. I have all 5 original "American Racing" aluminum wheels, the 304, and the T-15 3 speed transmission. I have the full top with doors, and new bikini top. Runs great, driven most weekends and all summer. Willing to part with it, for the right price.

My 1971 CJ5 Renegade II
by: James

Nice looking Renegade. I currently have a 1971 CJ5 Renegade II that I am currently restoring. These were the best years by far. Here is a link to check out photos of my project Any feedback would be great.

Looks Great
by: Anonymous

Sweet Jeep dude. It looks all business! Love the wheels.

Your 1972 Renegade decals
by: Luca

Hi, I just purchased a CJ5 1972 and I intend to restore it as close to the original as has been painted over the years so original decals are long gone.

Any idea where I can find hood decals like yours?

rim tire size?
by: Rich

What size tires are you using. Wheel size?

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