My 1987 Comanche

by Kelly Jones
(Jarrettsville, Maryland)

Back when these first appeared (1986) I wanted one so bad, but it wasn't in the cards (or in the wallet!)

In 2008 I found this 1987 Jeep Comanche on e-bay and bought it sight unseen. Then I went and drove it home (4 hour drive one way). Over the last 3 years I have put a lot of mechanical work into it, because at 214,000 miles a lot of things were just plumb wore out!

I drive this truck everyday and I love it. All original, no lift or anything. It is a 4.0L auto. short bed base Laredo 4x4. The only thing I did out of the ordinary was install a Posi-Loc cable system for the 4-wheel drive engagement (I despise vacuum pumps).

Now I have to deal with the ever increasing problem of RUST, the arch nemesis of AMC.

Larry's Comment: Kelly...that is a very nice looking Comanche MJ. The paint looks like new in the photos.

Comments for My 1987 Comanche

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Classic Comanche!
by: Rich in Lancaster PA

Great to see such a nice looking MJ. I had an '87 Cherokee XJ and it had 245k on it when I sold it to a neighbor. Thanks for the pictures of such a beautiful classic pickup.

by: mike palmer

It's a nice Jeep Comanche. Are the parts hard to find? what's the inside look like? I'm getting one soon as possible.

My blue angel 1987
by: Ron K. Svigel

When I seen a 1987 Jeep Comanche pickup riding on the expressway with a 4-sale sign in the rear window, I got the driver's attention and he told me to get off at next exit.

So we talked and he said $800.00 was the lowest he'll go 'cause it's worth it and is dependable.

So I called him that night and bought it in 1991. I was 14 yrs. old then but I used it almost daily for the next 10 yrs. until a stupid accident where it was rear-ended in a store parking lot. Insurance said it's only worth $1150.00 so I didn't cry a bit, but was mad my blue angel got hurt. I had it fixed up a little costing me $650.00 in junk yard parts, and it stayed with me another 2 yrs.

The transmission was going out at 200,000 miles so this mechanic bought it from me for $500.00 'cause it was worth it.

I seen him driving it a few years later, and that told me it was well worth the money I paid for it.

Jeep Comanche
by: Anonymous

Hi Kelly, nice truck! I have an 1988 4.0L sport truck version which I bought in 2001. It is a 4x4 that came with a Peugeot manual 5-speed transmission which I had to swap with a much stronger ax15. I live in California and drive it everyday. Very easy to work on. Best mini truck ever!

Kelly ! muchas felicidades por tu JP87!
by: Manuel

Kelly, congratulations for your "JeeP Comanche '87. I have a long bed white color 2WD. Enjoy it a lot when I drive it. I live in California south border with Mexico.

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