My '69 Willys/Mahindra Jeep is a Friend Indeed

by Bankit

Mine is a 1969 model Willys petrol Jeep, purchased in 1997 from a fellow friend, and it is in excellent condition.

It has been sparingly used since the first owner and my fellow friend used it mostly only whenever he went out for fishing, or out for visiting his relatives in his village or some neighboring places.

Since country roads are full of bumpy rides Jeeps are just the ideal and perfect vehicles in such conditions. In most cases, we have to climb up a hill or drive through a river or a stream to get across to our destination, but with a Jeep the destination is always well in reach and the journey is usually full of fun.

Something more about the Jeep, previously it was a left-hand drive which had later been converted into a right hand drive for safety reasons.

I had already changed the engine to a Mahindra petrol engine for spare parts efficiency and kept the same 3-speed manual gearbox.

I had also fitted the carburetor with that of a Maruti van which had worked out effectively without affecting the performance of the engine and the gearbox as well. In fact it has improved the mileage by 5-6 kmpl. At present, the mileage is 15-16 kmpl during normal driving and 9-10 kmpl with a loaded trailer, which at times requires a special gear or four-wheel drive in hilly or slippery areas.

I had changed the
dynamo as well and fitted with a Tata 407 alternator to keep a check on the starting and battery charging problem. Amazingly now it takes only 4-6 mins for an empty battery to get fully charged in a running engine.

There's not much change in the interior except for the front seats which I had replaced with standard 10 single front seats for more comfort and convenience while driving, especially during long journeys.

I'm also planning to change the hood and the grills, and also fit a ceiling on top since the hood is already too old that sometime during a heavy downpour water drips in.

Overall, my Jeep is in a perfect running condition with a smooth engine and a soundless gearbox. Actually, I had a plan to change the gear box to a 4-speed Mahindra 540 for more fuel efficiency and better economy but right now I had to delay my plan as I'm seeking more related information and at present I'm also facing slight financial problems.

My jeep is really worthy of keeping. It has served me beyond expectations and has not failed any of my journeys and trips so far..even after traveling to many far off places.

It's my biggest asset I ever possessed and will ever remain my best friend forever!

Larry's Comment: Bankit...I know how easy it is to get attached to our Jeeps.

I hear similar stories from all over the globe. Nice looking Jeep!

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Mahindra Short Body Jeep
by: Patton

I have read in detail the comments and his experience posted by one person from Shillong about the conversion of Maruti Van Curb into Mahindra Jeep.

I have purchased Mahindra Jeep Short Body recently manufactured around 1977-78. But worried about the conversion of the carburator as the present one is K Picco one and would like to convert to Maruti Van. So kindly throw some light about this. I am a Jeep Lover and dying to restore at the earliest.

I'll be grateful if you experts could advice me and send all the details to this E-mail address.

Thank you

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