My Dad's 1969 Red Mahindra Jeep

by Dhruva Mundodi
(Mundodi House, Madhuvan Estate, Sullia Taluk, Dakshina Kannada,574218,INDIA.)

Open top during summer

Open top during summer



MODEL: 1969

ENGINE TYPE: Diesel 1990 high speed direct injection engine (original petrol)

Gear Box: 3 speed manual with four wheel high and low ratio gears.

Overall Length: 129-29/32 in. (3.30 m)

Overall Width: 68-7/8 in. (175 cm)

Overall Height: (top of windshield) 66-1/4 in. (169 cm)

Tread: (front and rear) 48-7/16 in. (123 cm)

Wheelbase: 80 in. (203 cm)

Front/Rear Overhang: 20.59 in./22.31 in.

Tailgate: 36 in. Wide x 19.25 in. High

Ground Clearance: 8 in. (20.3 cm)

(Although it's been modified almost all the figures mentioned above remain the same)

We live in a very remote village of south India. In my place jeep is the whole and soul of every one. Without jeep it's hard for us to lead our life.

We even possess a sedan car which can only be used during summer season, and when it rains only a jeep can make our muddy roads. The main occupation of my place is agriculture and people live in their plantations in remote forest areas, so it's essential for us to transport agricultural goods using jeep and trailer.

Though there are many other four wheel drive trucks available in the market we only prefer jeep since it can go in any narrow roads and it can be repaired anywhere and in any condition. People in my place are masters in jeep repair. We have all the parts available in the market (to mention a bit costly now).

In my place jeep is also a mode of transport. Approximately in my village (note only in my village there are lots more in my district) there are 300 jeeps ranging from 1940's to present. Owning a jeep is a question of prestige and funny thing is my dad owns a Renault car but people don't even recognize it as a possession.

My dad sold our old jeep in 1988 and bought this one from an ex-service man. It was in good condition and
blue in color. He then altered it to the present condition and changed it to red color.

The old petrol engine was removed and was fitted with a brand new DI high speed diesel engine in 1990. From then we have been using the same jeep and she has became a member of our family. She supported us in all our tough times and she never broke in the middle of any journey. She has a (fuel) mileage of 18kms per liter of diesel.

In the year 2012 we gave her a new face lift. We changed the entire body and ground with 16-gauge metal sheet. During summer it can be converted to open top Wrangler style.

Frankly speaking I learned to drive in the same jeep at the age of 14 and now I am 23. I still drive her and I love her more than any other car in this world. I will keep her and take care of her all my life. MY JEEP "OWNERS PRIDE AND NEIGHBOUR'S ENVY"!

For more images of my jeep find me on Facebook.



Larry's Comment: Dhruva...thanks for the great story (and photos) about your dad's very fine M&M Jeep.

Also, thanks for the invitation to India. I would love to go there someday, but as things are now I have a hard time even getting out of Texas.

I have been made keenly aware of the prestige associated with Jeep ownership in India. I often hear about many folks there wanting to have there own Jeep.

It's not a whole lot different here in the USA. There are a lot of people who would love to have a Wrangler (new or used) or a CJ, but they are often too expensive or not readily available in great quantities.

Thanks again, Dhruva.

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