My Love CJ-3B JEEP


I'm in love with this vehicle since 1973 when I was 3 years of age.

My Papa and Fufaji(Papa's sister's Husband)used to travel in a Jeep CJ-3B. On sides of the bonnet and on the front-grill the word \V|LLYS...or WILLYS was inscribed.

Whenever my chance to get in I was always there on driver's seat making sounds just similar to the petrol-engine JEEP or WILLYS. At the age of 42yrs I can still try that.

It was a faded-sky colour with a black hood, black rims and under-body. They sold it around 1980-81 but since then I was always thinking about when I will get a chance to buy a four-wheel GAADEE(Indian word for vehicle). Definitely and surely it must be CJ-3B.

Luckily I got this chance in 2006(Sept.) I bought this Jeep and renovated it. It cost me Indian Rupees One Lakh Twenty Five Thousands(1,25,000)

Details of My JEEP--Ch.No.-203573 En.No.-72010 Reg.No.-DL4C--B9628.

Now can anybody else tell me the original year of production/Manufacture with Model CJ? (Editor: Please leave responses in the comment section below)

Larry's Comment: Nice one, Sandeep. I nearly purchased a CJ3B a few years ago but the deal fell through. Enjoy your fine old "high hood".

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by: Anonymous

Year - 1955

Body - CJ-3B

Model - 453 GB2

Serial#(start) - 10001

Serial# (ending) - 22952

Units - 12,952

Regarding CJ3B
by: Davistine


Do you have more photos of your jeep, means dashboard ,vin plate etc. Actually I have also Willys MB 1942.

CJ-3B produced by Mahindra & Mahindra, India
by: Anith

Hi Sandeep,

The Mahindras in India switched to producing right-hand-drive CJ-3Bs only in 1970. Since yours appears to be an RHD, it must be of that era. It also appears to be an ex-military Jeep by the appearance of its folding frame and headlamp guards - unless these were add-ons to make a civilian version look like a military one.

Since your Jeep was produced in India, its chassis and engine numbers would be different than the numbers of the Jeeps made in the U.S.A. or elsewhere. Write to Mahindra & Mahindra. They might help you - or not!

Does your CJ-3B have a petrol engine or a diesel?

CJ-3B of Sandeep
by: Anonymous

Since it is of serial no. 203573, that means it may be a FORD-GPW, a CJ-2A, a CJ-3A, or an Indian version of CJ-3B. The Indian CJ-3B has a different series of Chassis nos, so better to contact Mahindra and Mahindra.

PLS help me find an exporter to dismantle a cj3 Mahindra S/W Jeep quote CIF Price Colombo
by: AA Sabjoo

As I have jeep now beyond repairs. Please help and guide how I can import from India.

How to recognize original CJ3B
by: Anand Singh

I have Mahindra Willy's 1976 manufactured vehicle. Just wanted to check that is this original one or not.

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