My Mahindra CJ640

by Vinoj Wanigasooriya
(Colombo, Sri lanka )

My Mahindra Jeep

My Mahindra Jeep

Model: CJ640
Engine: TD27 (NISSAN)
Transmission: Gear 5
Power steering

Larry's Comment: Nice looking "Hi-Hood" M & M Jeep, Vinoj! What year is it, and did you do much restoration? Is that the Nissan diesel 4-cylinder engine? In what capacity do you use your Jeep?

Sorry for all of the questions, but we don't have Mahindra Jeeps here in the least not yet...and so most of us here need as much information as possible to learn more about these East Indian made Jeeps.

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My Mahindra CJ640
by: vinoj

Hi, thanks your comments. Before, this jeep was used for military service. My jeep?s manufacture year is 1989 and it came with 4-cylinder Peugeot engine with 4 gears. I restored engine, gear box, steering system, break system and electric system.

Engine - 2700 cc Nissan diesel 4- cylinder
Gear box ? Nissan 5 forward gear box
Steering system ? power steering (Toyota 3L S, box)
Break system ? upper paddle system with air booster, 1 1/8?master pump

This is my 3rd one. I had 3 jeeps before. Now I am studying in UK. My favorite subject is motor mechanism, but unfortunately I have to study different subject. Do you have any study system in this field, especially jeeps? If you have please let me know (e-mail Thanks.

by: Anonymous

Hey, you have a nice jeep.

advance improvement1
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am a mechanical and marine engineer. I served in the Indian navy, and presently I posses my own Jeep.

What I am looking for is the best fuel economy and smallest weight to power ratio diesel engine to put in so as to get fuel average of 27/30 km /lit of diesel. I am sure I can do it. I am in search of advanced diesel engine manufacturer like Radial engine or Delta star engine.

If you can share your idea it is most welcome. Thank you.

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