My (Moms) Jeep Liberty

by Tyler
(Lexington, Va )

2005 Jeep Liberty (File Photo)

2005 Jeep Liberty (File Photo)

I'm a 17 year old teenager and of course (me being a guy) I wanted a red 2 door Jeep Wrangler 6-speed, but I couldn't have it.

My mom had two cars and she let me pick one. One was a Jeep Liberty 2005 and the other a 2004 Cadillac SRX. I picked the Jeep because it is a Jeep. I have a lot of friends that I go off roading and mudding with.

My Jeep is not lifted and just has the regluar tires and wheels on it. Off road it does pretty well. I barely ever need to be pulled out of anything while mudding and off roading. My friends have lifted Wranglers and trucks with huge mud tires on them. I keep up with them on the trails with little trouble.

Now with my Jeep being stock I do have trouble with rocks hitting, but that's why it came with skid pads, am I right?. Ha-ha. My jeep has a part time system and it's an automatic. Gas mileage is horrible but when it snowed a foot here where I live I went out on the roads (the plows only do main roads where I live) and I went and drove my friends and their parents to work and to the store and places.

The Jeep Liberty is what I like to call "The Family Wrangler". A Jeep Liberty can do almost anything a Wrangler can, but the windshield doesn't fold down. Now I do take my doors off. It's a little harder than a Wrangler but it's worth it.

I love my Jeep Liberty and it does what I need it to do. It never leaves me stuck. A Jeep Liberty is a real Jeep because it has the same transfer case a Wrangler has, or at least mine has the same as an '05 Wrangler.

The one thing I hate about the liberty and the only thing I hate is the weight. Five thousand pounds or more, is heavy. If you stop a Jeep Liberty in the middle of a mud pit you will be up a creek. The Liberty will sink in sand and mud if you come to a stop.

The end.

Editor's Comment: Score one for the Liberty, Tyler.

Just goes to show that Jeep lovers..well..really do love their Jeeps. Keep on Jeepin' Tyler and be safe. Also, send us some photos.

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