My Show Jeep 1956 CJ6

by Craig

When I originally bought this Jeep in 2004 I had no earthly idea what I was purchasing. I just new that I wanted it. It was not until months later that I figured out it was the first year model of the CJ6.

They were originally built in 1955 but was titled as 1956's. There was approximately 2224 built that year. Due to the fact that Willys record keeping was reasonably sketchy, I am not sure of what sequence of CJ6 that I own by the VIN number. I am just pleased that I found the first year model.

It was my understanding that the Jeep spent most of its life on a farm in Amarillo Texas. It was in decent shape and had no rust. Thanks to the help of my buddies, 9 months later it was reborn to its original glory.

I tried my best to put everything back as original as possible. Everything was done in house except for the powder-coating. There was not a part that was untouched. Everything was either hand sanded and painted or it got replaced with new.

It is mostly a trailer queen but we have been to many car shows all over Texas and Oklahoma. I cannot count how many people come up to me and say "I remember my grandad owning one of these but I do not remember it being this long".

It's funny how many times I have explained the story of the CJ6 and its history of being known as the "Forgotten Model".

Larry's Comment: Craig...your CJ6 is indeed a rare beauty of a Willys Jeep. Nice job!

You are correct about the early Willys/Jeep "sketchy" record keeping for specific details, however a trusted source indicates that in 1955 there were 581 CJ6 models produced as 1955 models, and 2,226 for the 1956 year.

Either way your CJ6 appears to be at least one of the earliest models produced. Thanks.

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by: James8203

Your dedication to perfectionism shows! I'd be scared to move that Jeep! Looks Fantastic! Better than most cars one half century newer!

Great job

Looks perfect! Love it. I just finished my 6. It's a 1966 Tuxedo Park Mark 4. It belonged to my father and he sold it when I was 7 and I got it back 30 years later. Seven years and a ton of labor and money and she is on the road again.

1956 CJ6
by: Steve

Just picked up a '56 CJ6. All the information I’ve found says they are wider than it is. Anyone know when they converted to wider Jeeps? Sweet resto! I’ll be heading down that route soon. Thanks- Stephen

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