Nasty Nash Henson/Keith Racing Jeep

by Rick Keith
(Sonora, Ca)

A/CM Marysville, CA Injected Alcohol

A/CM Marysville, CA Injected Alcohol

Nasty Nash A/CM Henson/Keith Sand Drag Racing

Builder & Crew Chief Boyd Henson, Sonora, CA

Has 377 SBC Dart Heads, Kinsler Fuel Injection, Lenco 2 Speed.

Started as Street Legal B/SM Jeep. Modified to single seater and ran A/SM. Set NSCA National Speed Record, NSCA A/SM Points Champion, NSCA overall Points Champion.

Modified to A/CM with Injected Alcohol and Lenco. Has won races at Albany,Or...Marysville,CA...Hanford,CA...Mexicali,Mexico...Salt Lake City,Utah...and Pismo Beach,CA to name a few.

Rick Keith retired from driving due to 6 back surgeries. Looking to go racing again with Boyd Henson's Son as driver.

Larry's Comment: I've got to admit I really like watching sand and mud drag well as any NHRA event. Nice rig, Rick!

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We miss you.
by: Hired Gun #7

Last time I saw this Jeep was at Albany Oregon. Unfortunately the jeep was crashed. I hope it got fixed up as it's always been one of my favorite Jeeps.

We would like to see you back at Albany some day. Too bad we don't race class anymore. NWSCA is between tracks right now.

Shawn M. Hired Gun #7 dragster. B/Mod Bug.

Nasty Nash
by: Clayten

The Jeep is still around and was never crashed. You may be thinking of another Jeep. I feel it will live again one day, for still a fast Jeep.

Nasty Nash wreck in Albany OR.
by: Shawn

No mistake. I know the Jeep. We raced with him for years. It was in the left lane at Albany Wild West National race. About 1998 to 2000 give or take a year. Right past the finish line it left the track to the left and disappeared in a cloud of dust. It definitely turned over. The body was twisted, at least one front wheel ruined and the oil pan punctured. It was carried off the track back to his pit by Bob Leach in his backhoe. Give me a few weeks and I will tell you who was in the other lane and some pictures of the wreckage.

Ask Rick.

Nasty Nash wreck
by: Rick

You are completely correct about the wreck. It was Rick Rice in the right hand lane in his A/CM Jeep. The Jeep rolled over end to end 2 times and was pretty much a total mess including the motor.The Nasty Nash was completely rebuilt ground up, by Boyd Henson the Crew Chief and half owner who had originally built it. After the rebuild it was much faster with quite a few upgrades and Boyd completely rebuilt the Motor as well.

All the repairs were made possible by the full sponsorship of Banks Glass in Sonora, CA It was raced a few more times at places like Marysville, CA. Now it is parked in Boyd's shop and I am not able to race any more due to major back surgeries. I just came upon this picture while looking for something else. I really miss the Sand Drags bad and wish we could be out there with you guys!

Rick Keith

Banks Glass sponsor
by: Jon Banks

Yes, Rick had a lot of fun with this Jeep. I got to drive to High school auto shop 1 day to show it off and Rick drove mine for the day to do a oil change, of course when it was street legal in 1982.

At that time Rick was trying to take everything off that was not important to get the weight down, lol. Banks Glass was a sponsor after it went up side down in Oregon I think, but that was not the first time it was upside down. Rick would have to tell you all those other stories. I just know that the Banks boys and Keith boys have been upside down a few times.

Maybe some day we will see it again.
Sorry Clayten my son, I did not tell a lot of the stories.

Thanks for your update.
by: Shawn

The sand drags are going strong at Saboba and Avenal. Both are superb tracks with tons of shutdown, wide lanes and a good safety crew. We are hoping to get to at least one race down south this year. Really a bunch of fun guys down there and a few of us from Albany mixed in.

by: Rick

We have raced at Avenal. It is a good track. Unfortunately Albany had a guard rail that jetted out into the shutdown area. Just before we wrecked there Tom Wallace wrecked his beautiful A/SM Jeep the exact same way by hitting that guard rail. His wreck was more violent than ours I was told.

We still had a lot of fun racing in the northwest states. Banks Glass, inc. in Sonora Ca. was a lot of help to Boyd and I and if not for health problems we would probably still be racing on sand or asphalt.

We also had a lot of fun in the early days when all the Banks Boys and the Keith's had street legal Jeeps. They were always really clean and very fast mostly thanks to Boyd Henson AKA The Hot Rod god as the next generation calls him.

Would love to see pictures of all those Jeeps here. Wow really miss those racing days. Wish it could have lasted forever.

Good ol days
by: Ron Snider #

It was a honor driving the Nast Nash to the staging lanes even if it was being towed 😁

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