New Jeep- the Mahindra Major

by Tom Mathew
(Kochin, Kerala, India)

Jeep- Major

Jeep- Major

This is the new version of the Jeep (as of 2009) which has the cockpit seats, power assisted booster brakes. The specs. are given below:

Engine Specifications -

MDI 3200 TC Direct Injection Diesel
4-Stroke, 4 Cylinder, Inline

88.9 mm / 101.6 mm

Cubic Capacity
2523 cc

Maximum Horse Power
63 HP @ 3200 RPM (IS)

Maximum Torque
18 kgm @ 1500 RPM (IS)

Fuel Injection System
Inline Pump

Compression Ratio
18 : 1

Weight of Engine
260 kg

General Specifications -

Cooling System
Belt driven pump on cylinder head.
Thermostat controlled.

Clutch Type
Single dry plate, outside dia. 235 mm.

Type: 5 Speed,

Transfer Case
2 speed gear reduction, single shift lever
Gear ratio : High 1:1 ; Low 2.46 : 1

Front Axle
Full floating for 4WD only.
Dead tubular for 2WD
Max. Capacity : 907 kg
Ratio : 3.73 : 1

Rear Axle
Semi floating hypoid type.
Max. Capacity : 1134 kg
Ratio : 3.73 : 1

Worm and Roller type or recirculating ball type
Ratio : 20 : 1
Turning Circle Radius
5.86 m.

Type : Hydraulic with TMC
Parking : Operates on rear service brakes.
Hand lever & cable type

Front & Rear : Semi-elliptical leaf springs with hydraulic double acting telescopic shock absorbers

Rim size: 16 x 4.5 in. Disc type, with five studs.
Tyres : 6.00 x 16, 8 PR

Ladder type with steel channel side members, four intermediate cross-members.

Electrical System
Battery :12 V / 75 Amps .hr.
Alternator 43 Amps.

Speedometer (kms./ hr.), temperature and fuel gauge. Light indicators for battery charging, oil pressure, high beam and flasher. Hazard warning switch.

Fuel Tank
Capacity : 45 litres with electrical float unit .

Curb Weight
CL 500 - Soft Top 2WD : 1225 kg. 4WD : 1300 kg.
CL 550 - Soft Top 2WD : 1235 kg. 4WD : 1310 kg.
Gross Vehicle Weight
CL 500 : 1770 kg. / CL 550 : 1950 kg.

This is the latest model (as of 2009).

Larry's Comment: Amazing resemblance to the original tall hooded US CJ3B. Thanks Tom.

Comments for New Jeep- the Mahindra Major

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Jeep specs.
by: sakeer hussain

Can someone give the specifications of '93 Mahindra CJ500 DI 2WD?

Details requested
by: Manivannan

Dear sir,

Actually I love Mahindra Major Jeep and I am planning to buy a new one.

I would like to know the mileage offered by Major Jeep, maintenance, price, etc.

Please give me your valuable suggestions in his regard.

King of hills...
by: Srikkanth

Mahindra Major jeep is one of my favorite vehicle.. I used to travel in Jeeps whenever i visit Kerala.. Best suited vehicle for terrains since its a high torquey vehicle.. But however its difficult to own & drive it in city. Jeep is also like Ambassador cars which is trust-worthy vehicle..

Pros: Easy maintanance, economy to operate, suited for any kind of road..

Cons: Noisy engine, Brakes, Oil leaks..

Ruff and Tuff Vehicles
by: Vinay Mudgal

I love Ambesador Car, Bullet Motor Cycle and Jeeps. I want to know about the basic features, Price, millage and authenticity of Mahindra DI Major jeep. Please help me in deciding either I have to purchase it or not.


I want to know about the SHOWROOM price of Major Mahindra.

MM Major
by: Tijo

Major 4X4 cost around 5 lkh and mileage 18Kmpl (2WD have 22 Kmpl)

Mahindra Major Cost
by: imran bhati Anonymous

In Nasik what the cost of new Mahindra Major jeep?

cl 550
by: apu

What's the difference between the Major and the earlier model probably cl550 mdi the 1999 model....

How is the performance of the Mahindra Major???

by: Anonymous

I want to know about its cost and mileage.

by: jayraj

What is the price of mm 540 in Hyderabad?

Mahindra Major jeep
by: gopal patel

This jeep is very handy and easy to drive with mileage of 18/ kmp and is the best in all Mahindra products.

by: Anonymous


Is it possible to convert into power steering?

Jeep Major
by: antony joseph

What is the price of new Major Jeep in Kerala?

On road price 4,92,000
by: Tijo

In Kottayam TVS (Kerala) On road price 4,92,000

Alteration of Major jeep
by: yugal

This jeep is my one of the favorite vehicles....I love that. and I want 2 see some changes in this model.

1. cubic capacity is 2000cc.
2. it is in full steel body cover.
3. soft suspension, power steering and also power
brake, A/C.
4. also its mileage is 18-20 km/l
5. aerodynamic model.
6. very important request is plz change the
seating system.

Details of Mahinra Major & Mahidra Invader 4WD
by: SDF Industries Ltd

Details requested
by: SDF Industries Ltd

Dear sir,

Actually I love Mahindra Major Jeep and Mahindra Invader 4WD, I am planning to buy a new one.

I would like to know the mileage offered by above vehicle, maintenance, price, etc.

Please give me your valuable suggestions & Phone number of Thrissur Showroom.Our Nearest show room is Thrissur.

Thanking you

SDF Industries Ltd,
Pampadi, Thiruvilwamala,Thrissur

Need for power steering & mico rutter fuel pump.
by: Devraj

Dear sir...I satisfy with your jeep in pickup, but need of power steering in this jeep & mico rutter fuel pump for better mileage.

Please add power steering in Major jeep and add mico rutter pump for increase mileage.

Owning it with pride
by: Raju

Mahindra Jeep....the vehicle I have seen since I was kid. Kudos to Mahindra to make the model stick with implicit changes..appearance remains the same but engine, brakes, suspension, chassis strength etc etc all have evolved. Hence went for a new one and yet to see it :) so looking forward to going native and see it. lol..Guys my message for you is if you have slightest of plans to buy it go for it..that's will never regret for your catch and I am afraid you may never get one chance as this model will be locking out very soon. Its owners pride.





by: manmohan

Dear sir,

I want to know the price of Mahindra Major jeep in Uttar Pradesh(Rampur dist.)...

Price List
by: karthik reddy

Sir, I want Mahindra Major price list.

About exact ground clearance of Mahindra Major CL 550 DI
by: Anonymous

Please do help me to know the exact ground clearance of Mahindra Major CL 550 DI.

Good for all Terrains.
by: unni

I am Using Last 13years. Jeep is good For All Times. I have Advice to modified the back Seats positioning, Reduce Turning Radius, Improve Mileage etc...

But a Very Bad News is That Not Suitable for Family Trip.

Top Covered Jeep Available?
by: Anonymous


Mahindra Major top covered jeeps are available?...and what will be the on Road Price for that?

I am planning to buy one. I prefer Mahindra over others..



Please tell me Major showroom
by: Anonymous

Please tell me major showroom in Haryana & nearest state.

CL 500, CL 550
by: Sakeer Hussain

What is the difference between a Mahindra CL 500 and a CL 550?

by: Anonymous

I am planning to buy Mahindra Jeep Major new.
You know now we cannot park vehicle in city or any outside area because this body is open. Please company can you modified this. Sealed Jeep is better for us. Body shape do not change. I like this body shape better than Scorpio.

Thank you.

18km per ltr Mileage r u sure?
by: Lourenco

Well I thought it gives around 12 in city conditions.

Want know actual mileage of both 2 & 4 wd CL550 Major
by: mp patil

Want know actual mileage for both 2 & 4 wd CL550 Major.

Major Jeep
by: Rajesh Nagar


I want purchase of a new Model JEEP MAJOR.
So you are requested send the Price List of New MAJOR JEEP.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Rajesh Nagar

by: paul

If I buy one new Major 2wd at tcr how long will it take to get the vehicle and its documentation?

Mahindra Major jeep
by: vasant kale

Sir I would like to buy a new Major, what will be the price on the road at pune? How much mileage does it give?

Need for power steering & A.C. in Major
by: Anonymous

Dear sir...I satisfy with your jeep , but need of power steering in this jeep & A/C. Please add power steering in Major jeep and add A/C.

This jeep is my one of the favorite vehicles....I love that and I want to see some changes in this model...soft suspension, power steering and also power brake, A/C.
Also its mileage is 18-20 km/l

Very important request is please change the
seating system.


I want to buy new Mahindra Jeep. When I asked about this in a shop, they said booking is closed now due to the existing model was stopped and the company introduced new model Jeep. After that booking is starting. Is it correct? I want to know more about the new model Jeep Major and its on the road price.
Please send the details in my e-mail address.



I like the new color of Major model.
by: Shelbin

The new color of 'Major' jeep is looking very nice...

Very bad model
by: Anonymous

All our expectations are gone about the model. This model is not suitable for new generation, so I am requesting to you...should not show like this picture as elephant in festival program.

Warning and regards

1996 model CL500 3-speed
by: bibin thomas

Change gear box to 550 mdi. It is suitable.

by: Anonymous

Very very good and best strong JEEP MAJOR. I like this and I want again purchase this.

suitability fir registhan
by: rohitash choudhary,churu,raj

I just love my Major. It' s very economical,low maintenance, and it's performance in my desert area is fantastic.



Buy Jeep New
by: Anonymous

Dear sir,

Actually I love Mahindra Major Jeep and I am planning to buy a new one.

I would like to know the mileage offered by Major Jeep, maintenance, price, etc.

Please give me your valuable suggestions in his regard.

By mistake I sold my Jeep 2006 model.

Larry's Comment: The mileage reported in other comments below is said to be "18-20 km/l".

by: JOHN

Now I am using last 13 years CL500. I need to buy new Major with some changes full body or full side door, power steering.

Rate of new Mahindra jeep

I want to know about the SHOWROOM price of Major Mahindra.

by: Anonymous

Is this jeep available now or not? And what's the latest model 'cause I have to buy it.

Larry's Comment: This is a very common question which has yet to be answered clearly.

I even asked for help in getting more valid information about other Mahindra Jeep models including the Major...with no response.

So, please if anyone knows the answer(s), and where to get details, please add your comments here. Thanks.

Mahindra Major CL 550 MDI
by: manikandan

Mahindra is really not interested in promoting them.

I have seen the jeep in OOTY and I wanted to buy some of the spares for my jeep MM550 XD, and I called the service station number mentioned in that Major jeep.

I called up the service people and they said they don't know about the products. Some of them in the show room said it is discontinued.

They keep transferring my call to each and every one in the showroom and finally I decided to meet the show room directly at Coimbatore. When I went there they directed me to Grey town in Coimbatore.

There the shop owners wanted me to order the products and wait for 45 to 60 days to get the products.



I am driving Mahindra since last 20 years i.e.340 and 550 XDP. At present these models are not available. Now we can choose from INVADOR OR MAJOR. I would like to know about Major. Whether driving is comfortable for long journey in this jeep. I request owners of Major Jeep kindly post their experience in regard to fuel economy, new di engine and comfort in regard to this jeep. If there is any problem then please post the problem also. I am keenly interested to buy new MAJOR jeep.

Thanks and Regards

by: Sudhir

YES ,In INDIA MAHINDRA MAJOR model is nothing but CJ 500D, NOW Converted to

This is only BS-3 Compatible and does not meet BS-4(Euro-4) emission norms, hence sold in two tier city in India i.e NON -METROS,
MM550XD3P/4WD was last assembled for Army Supplies after this it was discontinued .

Now to utilise the body stamping Dies , a new Model THAR has been introduced , by using MM550design body, Chassis from Bolero stable and Engine from Bolero storm .

Larry's Comment: Thanks for the helpful information Sudhir.

Non availability of information
by: Anonymous

I think the dealers for Mahindra and Mahindra are not in a position to explain the details for Mahindra Major jeep model.

Can we have the details of the jeep(Major), like Cost, Dealers availability in Karnataka, and contact number of the same, etc.?

Larry's Reply: If the Mahindra dealers are unable, or unwilling to give any details regarding the Major jeep...then where else could anyone get that information...even if that model may no longer be produced, or has been renamed?

I am as confused about this problem as anyone else!

Need Details about MAJOR JEEP
by: Diwakar Reddy

Hi friends,

Please any one give details when can we get Major Jeep or THAR jeeps in market.

Experts please give some information.

Mahindra DI jeep
by: anand

Please some one will guide me..presently Mahindra DI jeep IS COMING OR NOT. Thanx

Power and nice looking
by: kapil kumar jat

Superb gadi' I want to buy major and after that I will modify it. Very, very nice looking.

by: justin

Since childhood I loved the CL 500 mdi and had the greatest desire to buy it. Now it's shocking to hear it's been discontinued.

A powerfull jeep
by: Gautam jangir

I like a Mahindra Major jeep. It is a powerful jeep and good looking. I need it.

by: Anonymous


by: mahendra

Dear sir,

Actually I love Mahindra Major Jeep and I am planning to buy a new one.

I would like to know the mileage offered by Major Jeep, maintenance, price, etc.

Please give me your valuable suggestions in his regard.

Larry's Reply: From what I can gather the originally entitled Mahindra "Major" is now the Mahindra "Thar". Please correct me if I am wrong.

Jeep info
by: naresh

Actually I love Mahindra Major Jeep and I am planning to buy an old or new one.

I would like to know the mileage offered by Major Jeep, maintenance, price, and can I get it any old model in market? etc.

Empire in kerala
by: akhil and nikhil

Hello, we are brothers and we are using jeep for last 8 yrs. a wonderful one for offroading, and low maintenance cost. We are using '96 model CL500 di(3 speed, 1 rev) 4x4. Only one fault top speed is reduced to 80 kmpr, so difficult to overtake in highway roads, but in mud road he is the one. While in highway the cars give respect to jeeps and DO YOU KNOW what's the reason? Yes, our jeeps parts are much stronger, and cars are made with fibers or low quality metals. So enjoy every moment with jeep, and DON'T SELL YOUR JEEP, even it have problems please park simply on the porch. OLD IS GOLD! Have a happy day.

Maintenance of Mahindra Jeep
by: aussi

How is the maintenance of Mahindra Jeeps? Is it high or low and what are basic maintenance needs? I'm wanting to purchase it so if someone can assist to my inquiry please do so.

by: Rohit

Can anyone provide me maintenance catalog for M & M Major Jeep. Alternatively, please write to me as when to change Engine oil? Which grade? After how many Kilometers?


My lucky vehicle
by: dhananjay dubey

My Major jeep is a very comfortable vehicle.

My dream vehicle
by: shijogeorge

I want immediately Major jeep near Kannur in four wheal drive. Give me details.

About major jeep
by: Anil Bharti

Sir I want to know about Major jeep which last model came in 2010. After this year this type (Major jeep) do not come. But now a days I listen the new Major jeep will come in market. So sir, it is true or false?



Want to buy Mahindra Major Jeep
by: Vimal Kumar

I have Mahindra CL 500 Army disposal jeep and enjoyed trouble free driving in Lahul spiti and Rohtang valley. It's so powerful with 4X4. I have seen Mahindra Major on net and wish to know the silent feature of this vehicle with on road market price.

Vimal Kr.

I want Major jeep new
by: arun nhalwe

Please I am waiting Major jeep. I request please available in Maharashtra.

Mahindra & Mahindra 4wd Major jeep
by: javed

I want to know the ex-showroom price of Mahindra & Mahindra Major 4WD jeep. Is it ready stock available in co. or it takes how much time for delivery, or can be supply on order.

Mahindra Major 4wd
by: Anonymous

I want to purchase Mahindra Major jeep four wheel drive from showroom. Can some one tell me when this model again launched in market?

regarding engine oil type and grade

Can anyone provide me maintenance catalog for M & M Major Jeep. Alternatively, please write to me as when to change Engine oil? Which grade? After how many Kilometers?


by: shinde sandip

Mahindra Di is old as gold.

by: r k bansal

Is MAHINDRA jeep being manufactured now also? If yes then where in India?

I like to buy good off roader jeep
by: Anonymous

Which is the best offroader jeep?

Jeep Thar
by: S.P.Singh

I am pleased to inform you that I have purchased
new Mahindra jeep Thar Di 4x4.

Di engine performance is excellent and fuel consumption is 15-16 km/litre.

I am driving this jeep since last 1-1/2 year and I can say this is the real jeep and we can go any where in this jeep i.e.from plain areas to Himalayas,Leh.

Thanks Mahindra and Mahindra for starting production of again jeep segments with new Di engine.I will keep this for 15 years full RC tenure and would like to keep this for my life time.

I suggest all to buy 4x4 Thar Di jeep only as this is real military jeep.


575 engine
by: Anonymous

I want to buy M&M 575 engine. Can anyone help me find one for my jeep?

by: Sanjeev Rana

The Mahindra MAJOR jeep is the original progeny of the good old Willys jeep. It is available in the desert state of Rajasthan OFF the shelf where it is most used and other states on order.

An improved version of the jeep is the THAR
with both the DI and the CRDE engine. MAHINDRA has not yet introduced the CRDE engine on the MAJOR. Hope they do so along with the Power Steering and the AC as in the case of THAR CRDE 4X4.

Major jeep
by: Lala ji

Old Major. Please new launch. Very nice jeep CL550di.

Any Secondhand Vehicles available for sale?
by: Ramkumar

I want to buy a Mahindra Major jeep. On a small budget. Are there any vehicles available for sale in good condition.

Please mail me.

by: Jomon

There are so many vehicles on road but I am interested only in Major turbo. I don't know why. If there is a jeep I will not take my eyes from that, and I like all parts like sound styles, etc.

cl550 4x4
by: saudagar

I want Mahindra Major jeep but don't know the price of my dream jeep.

Ground clearance???
by: Anonymous

What is the ground clearance of mahindra jeep?

Production Dates
by: Anonymous


Do you know the exact dates Mahindra produced the Major?
Were they manufacturing this model in 2008?

Without turbo lagging
by: Jo

The new Mahindra Major jeeps are more comfortable than the earlier because of its engine, which are turbo charged, and its brakes are power assisted and the turbo engine sound is almost same as the Bolero and the play of steering is less than the earlier model di jeeps. All changes are related with its new engine.

The next matter is about the tires. New Major jeep's tires are a little out of the body that means its tires are out of the boundary of mud guards both front and back which gives the new look of jeep. Most probable thing is that Major jeeps are the replaced models of CJ340 export and home version but they are Peugot engine. But earlier model jeeps are not look like Major with the matters like tires, brakes, clutch pedal, engine, dash boards, key holes, bumpers, and new Major jeeps have front disc breaks without the wheel arch, and it looks like an all terrain tire fitted vehicle.

The main thing is that the length and weight of the Major jeep is lessor than the earlier model. Its metre console has only three analogs which are speedo metre, fuel gauge, and heat indicator. Earlier models had two more analogs which are oil gauge and battery power indicators.

by: Sohan Lal

Engine oil capacity?

Wanted to buy the Mahindra Major jeep
by: Vidhya Sathish rajan

I wanted to buy the old model new car Mahindra Major jeep. I’m ready now to buy immediately. What should I want to do to buy the new Major? I’m interested in only buying in Mahindra Major, not a new launch of Mahindra Thar.

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