Ol' Faithful '95 Jeep Cherokee

What a face!!!

What a face!!!

Well, Our Jeep is a 1995 Jeep Cherokee, two-door, two wheel drive, 5-speed manual transmission.

I can't even count how many times our Jeep has been below the empty warning, and rode for miles at a time, without a sputter or a sound. We even tested it to see if we would run out of gas and it took us 3 and a half hours to finally run all the gas out of the tank. It was $70.00 to refill and that was below the empty sign. I am NOT kidding you.

It has 280,000 miles on it, and the only major job we have had done on it is the clutch, which blew out when my mom was on her way to an interview. It wasn't so faithful then when we were sitting in the middle of the freeway trying to get the car out of fifth and roll it off to the side.

But our Jeep is an amazing vehicle. We were heartbroken when we had to leave it at a bus terminal when we left the state to move to the other side of the country. My mom didn't talk the whole way. All she was thinking about was her brother getting there in time to get it before they towed it.

He did, but here is were it gets funny. My Uncle heard a backfire and got out and put his face right up in the exhaust pipe to see if anything was iffy. Worst mistake ever. It backfired right in his face and his face was completely black. At least that's what he old us.

Now, not once in two years has our baby been started, until last night. That's when I asked them to start it and they said it started like it had been driving a few hours ago. And I was thinking, that's right, it's our little girl, full of piss and vinegar waiting to see it's first snow. When the time comes my baby...you will soon be here with your real family.

Our Jeep only has three passengers, my mom, my grandmother, and myself. I am only 14, but our Cherokee isn't ready for the junkyard yet like the other part of the family says it is.

We just continue to drive it, and that is what I am gonna do, until the wheels fall off!!! :')

Larry's Comment: Hopefully "Ol' Faithful" will still be around when you get your license and can drive her another 280,000 miles.

Also, are you sure it is a 2-wheel drive and not a 4-wheel drive Cherokee? From the photo it appears to be a 4x4.

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