Older Jeeps are better

by Luke K
(Vancouver, B.C. Canada)

Well, I have been driving my 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport for almost two years. And, I'm really enjoying the piece of history and the Jeep itself.

On the other hand, my friend owns a 2012 Jeep Wrangler and I have drove it once and I just don't like it. Jeep isn't about luxury. Jeep is where you drive out with your friends and families. Go on off roading or camping trips. Or you can personally modificate your own Jeep in your own way.

You can lift your Jeep, you can paint your Jeep, you can install fog lights, or you can uninstall doors. It's just that, with older Jeeps you can do anything with it. You can smash it without hesitation. You can redecorate interior dashes and the exterior of the Jeep.

The newer Jeeps are ugly, bigger, fatter, with more useless gadgets that we don't need. It's like newer Jeeps is showing us how Americans got lazy and screwed up...! Jeep was meant for "General Purpose" not Luxury Purpose. That's Land Rover's job. Jeep means get out here and have fun.

Anyway, this could be just me but I live here in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Most of my friends and I own (1991 to 2001) Jeep Cherokees and we love it. We wish Chrysler could keep building Jeeps like this and stop wasting money on some useless pieces of crap that they are building now.

The only thing older Jeeps need to improve on is gas mileage and gas tank sizes. And make more manual Jeeps.

Editor's Comment: I hear you, Luke.

I have been concerned for some time with how the Jeep division of Chrysler (Fiat) is turning the venerable Wrangler into an over-computerized, plush, gadget-bound, sissyfied European grocery getter...kinda like (as you said) Land Rover.

They are taking away the fun of DRIVING to the point where all you have to do is push a button, sit back, and the vehicle will climb the hill for you.

If people want a glorified amusement ride that does almost everything for them, then Chrysler/Jeep/Fiat is the ticket. Sales show that the new Jeeps are doing well in the market place. That is a good thing...for the marketplace.

However, for those who still want to pilot their own Jeep, fix it up to personal standards, and not have to have a degree from MIT to do repairs...I'm with you, Luke...give me an older Jeep.

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