Our 2001 Wrangler - Hit Hard but Didn't Roll Over!

by Roger
(Henderson, NV)

2001 Jeep Wrangler (File Photo)

2001 Jeep Wrangler (File Photo)

Driving at 50 mph on October 16th, just after walking across the new bridge at the Hoover Dam, we were struck on the left rear corner by an unobservant driver who was trying to cross the highway and didn't see us.

Our Wrangler is a 2001 Sport and is stock; no extra lift has been added. When we were hit, as I said, we were going about 50 mph.

The Jeep began to skid sideways, then skidded 180 degrees around, then continued to spin to 360 degrees, then around again before skidding toward the curbed median. At any time during those two complete turns while skidding, I thought for sure we were going to flip over. Although it seemed everything was happening in slow motion, it only took a few seconds for this all to happen.

As we completed the second spin of 360 degrees and were skidding toward the curbed median, I thought then that when we hit the curb (with both driver-side tires at the same time) we would flip for sure.

We didn't! The Jeep hit the curb hard, but bounced up into the air and landed on all four wheels in the dirt of the median.

I am impressed and still don't know why we didn't flip. Pavement was dry as well. One can still see the double skid mark circles on the highway where all four tires made two complete loops.

Larry's Comment: Glad you are all okay Roger.

Your Wrangler's lower (stock) center of gravity probably helped, as well as the fact that the newer Wranglers have better suspensions than the older Jeeps.

Thank God for large and small miracles!

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