Our Adopt A Soldier Policy

(Savannah, GA)

I married into a family that has an informal, unwritten, and unspoken "Adopt A Soldier" policy. My father in law is a Vietnam veteran, and my brother in law was in the Army. My father in law, LaRue, was also a member of the Air National Guard for 22 years, and served proudly.

We live in between two large Army bases here in Savannah GA, and it is not unusual to pull up on a weekend, and see different cars everywhere. A short walk up onto the porch reveals a group of men and women, sitting around the tables, eating smoked chicken and pork, drinking sweet tea, and taking a moment in civilian clothes to relax and laugh and talk, and chasing each other down to the lake for a swim. An old war-horse like my father in law loves to have these young people around. These young men and women, many of them not even old enough to order a beer, are willing to lay down their lives for us with out question. They fight to keep terrorists away from the USA. They fight to keep our rights, to keep our Constitution alive, and to allow us to sleep easy in our beds at night.

Why do we support our troops? Because with out them, there would be none of that. No easy rest at night. The right to bear arms, speak our minds, pursue happiness, and live as we see fit would be challenged and taken away from us. Our Adopt A Soldier policy stands strong and will continue to do so.

Larry's Comment: We should all adopt our troops for the sacrifices they make.

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