Our Best Off Roading Place

by Sylvia
(Crystal Falls, Michigan)

Having Fun in Beautiful Crystal Falls

Having Fun in Beautiful Crystal Falls

The best area to go off road is in Crystal Falls, Michigan. We have a variety of 4x4 vehicles – All Terrain Vehicles (Yamaha) and a Yamaha Rhino – which are used all throughout the spring, summer and fall and 2 Yamaha snowmobiles used throughout the winter months. We truly enjoy the recreational trails of Iron County Michigan (part of the Michigan Upper Peninsula). This scenic region features more than 300 miles of well-groomed trails which connect to the extensive, over 3000 miles in total, off road trails shared between Michigan and Wisconsin states. We like these trails because they have truly beautiful landscapes. Here you can stumble on rivers, ponds, lakes, and forests. You can easily pull over and bird watch, mushroom pick, fish, hunt (given you have a hunting license) and virtually do any sort of outdoor activity you may be in the mood for. And you can always pull over for lunch, dinner or pleasant lodging accommodations, as these are easily accessible directly off the trails.

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