Our family hauler..'07 Jeep Commander 4x4

by Richard
(Ft. Bragg)

Ok well I will start out saying that me and my wife own a '07 Commander sport 4x4 base.

I was at training when my wife bought the Jeep and well it was really one of those she wants it so I'll let her get it. But once I drove it I started liking it more and more. Even my friend ended up buying one, but he got the 4.7 version.

Interior wise I like it, very rugged and roomy except when the 3rd row is up. Exterior wise I like the look of it, but it could really use some bigger tires and at least a hitch from the factory.

Offroad it has done everything I have tried to do and went everywhere with the v8 version in low range. It may not be trail rated, but I can't see why it is not.

MPG..I was surprised both good and bad. It does get bad mpg but still gets what EPA says if not better. My wife took it on a 1200 mile trip and it averaged 24 getting as high as 26 MPG. But in normal day driving (90% city) it gets 16-17 MPG.

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