Owned 5 Jeeps, but Only Two are my Faves

by Dick Hampton
(Pagosa Springs, CO)

Cherokee Chief (File Photo)

Cherokee Chief (File Photo)

My '79 Jeep Cherokee Chief (I bought new) is my all time favorite of every car/truck I've ever owned. Great 360 engine, turbo 400 tranny, great seats, great steering wheel that was in perfect alignment with the driver seat, great arm rests that were the exact same height on both sides of the driver. I never should have let it go!

I've had 2 CJ-5s (a 6 cyl and a V-8)..the 6 cyl was the best.

I just traded a 2011 Wangler Unlimited, 70th anniversary model for the new 2013 Rubicon 10th anniversary model. First impressions are very good of the new Rubicon. I may like this almost as much as my '79 Cherokee Chief.

By the way, I've owned fast sports cars and fast trucks, both diesels and gassers. I think I'm always just going to be a Jeep guy.

By the way, what in the world does a 74 year old guy need with a Rubicon 10th anniversary model with every conceivable option anyway?

Larry's Comment: It's not always about "need" when it comes to Jeeps, Dick.

These things are just plain darn fun to own and drive, on the street, in the dirt, on the rocks, in the snow, to church, and even to the mall.

You've owned some pretty nice Jeeps. The '79 Cherokee Chief is a sharp looking rig. You could take one of those and cruise easily (and in comfort) down the highway, and load up the family and a bunch of gear, then explore the back-country with confidence.

Enjoy that Rubicon and shoot me some photos if you can, as well as any photos of your previously owned Jeeps. Thanks.

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Got ya beat!
by: Andrew Glinski

'84 Wagoneer Limited, '79 CJ7, '84 CJ7, '00 Cherokee Sport, '79 Cherokee Chief, '00 Wrangler Sport, '97 Grand Cherokee Limited, '06 Commander Limited and 3 Comanches '87/'88/'90

Have had 3 of your top 5 Best Jeeps
by: Keith

My first Jeep was an 1988 Comanche, followed by 4 1990's Cherokee's, then an '04 TJ, '05 Liberty and currently a 2010 Liberty.

Don't know where I'll go next. Grand Cherokee, too expensive, new Cherokee too Mickey Mouse for what I use my Jeeps for, and my wife never liked my TJ so a Wrangler is probably out.

My 25 years of owning Jeeps looks like it's coming to an end.

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