Please Identify this engine of a Mahindra


Hello, I am a jeep lover planning to own a Mahindra very soon.

In the course of search I found this one, a 1986 model 4-wheel CJ500D with a transplanted heart on 2005 with DI engine.

My problem is the jeep is around 1300 kms away from my place where one of my friends located this one, but he doesn't know anything about motors, and he really doesn't have any spare time to investigate.

So he just took a couple of photographs of the engine which I have uploaded here.

My concern is to identify this engine. Is it an MDI 3000A DI engine or MDI3000 A TURBO CHARGED ENGINE?

I don't wish to go further with a TC engine.


Larry's Comment: Any helpful Mahindra Jeep aficionados please reply through the "Comment" link below.

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Commander Engine
by: Sateesh S. Magal

This is an old generation Commander 2.5 Liter engine.

This is not a Turbo engine.

by: sudhir

This cl 500mdi , has MDI2500 Engine , perhaps initial start DI Engines , better in Fuel efficiency ,and pick up, Since the FIP was governed to 2500rpm, hence MDI 2500,
Even the overhauling cost will be cheap.

Go ahead

by: sahul patel

This is international engine 38hp b275 model...very tough engine.

by: Anonymous

This is an International of the classics.

International engine
by: achayan

Slow speed International engine comes in 4-wd model also.

mdi 2500
by: Linil

This is Mahindra di 2500 engine not inter b 275. This is a direct injection engine with instant start-up, zero oil top up, better fuel efficiency and great pickup.

CL 550 mdi engine
by: Raja

Engine which used to come in CJ 500 di with 3-speed gear box only advantage is its di. See if you get engine of CL 550 mdi, it has bigger crank hence high speed.

Belated thanks.

Thank you all. I had posted this query very long back. It's a MDI 2500 non Turbo as some experts identified above.

mahindra inter
by: Ayser khan bhopal

4 heater plugs used so current makes oil thick and heat up engine.

by: Anonymous

A MDi 3000a engine.

by: moidu.babu

It is earlier DI engine (500DI) not MDI series. I identified using the air intake.

Mahindra tractor repair
by: Ray

I need this engine. Is it for sale?

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