Separation of Government and Private Industry?

by LHM

In reference to the Washington Post story entitled:

"No Nominee Yet for Secretary of Rustproofing"
when did any U.S. president get the constitutional right to take over a private business and to dictate who will be in charge, and how they will do business? (i.e. GM and Chrysler)

Barack Obama and his crew of Chicago-like thugs are doing just that. SO, WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE!

If he and Congress can take over the controls of private business what makes any of us believe that he won't do the same in dictating OUR lives?

Why aren't there any lawsuits or congressional hearings investigating this man's unconstitutional behavior? (If they are, then why isn't the media reporting it?)

I have never seen anything like this...and if we the people don't start taking our country back...then we don't deserve what our fore-fathers and God granted us.

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