Silver & Black Jeep Liberty

by Chuck
(Cooperstown, NY)

2010 Jeep Liberty (File Photo)

2010 Jeep Liberty (File Photo)

The Jeep Liberty was a compromise with the wife. She likes it.

My silver & black Jeep is cool looking though. It would be even better if I were a Raiders fan. But, I'm a Broncos fan and will get a custom retro Broncos spare tire cover for football season. More importantly, I am looking forward to the trails now and all the snow trails in Winter.

I wanted an '87 Buick Grand National, but I needed an every day car and the GN would have just been driven on good weather days.

Sure my three year old son could have fit in the back of the GN too, but I can't take the GN on those long vacation trips. You can't kill those classics.

I'll get my muscle car at some point.

Larry's Comment: Hey Chuck...being that you are a Bronco's fan might be worth considering a classic Ford Bronco in the future.

Okay...maybe that's too much of a stretch...especially coming from a Jeep lover.

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A Ford Bronco? uumm...
by: Chuck

The Ford Bronco is not what you would call a good truck. I am trying to be nice here. I dig the Bronco name, but that's as good as it gets with those. Good question though.

by: Paul

The Bronco was no slouch when it came to off roading. I have a Jeep and love it, but I will not let the Bronco get beat up. It was capable, tough, and you could outfit it with everything under the sun from tires to winches. As Jeep lovers, we must also give kudos to those who were as top notch as the Jeeps we love.

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