Smittybilt Console Modification for Jeep Wrangler

by Steve Garan
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Smittybilt makes an 8" wide console for Jeep Wranglers. After installing Smittybilt XRC Racing seats I found only a 6.5" wide space between the front seats.

Smittybilt XRC Racing Seats

Smittybilt also makes a 6.5 inch wide console but I still found this to be a little tight for space. So this is what I decided to do. I modified the 8" console to 6".

The following pictures shows what I did:

This is a stock photo of the Smittybilt Console

Stock photo of a mounted Smittybilt Console with built in head-unit compartment and cup holders.

First I removed the head-unit compartment and cup holders with 2 long cuts of a saws-all.

With a saws-all (greatest tool in the world!) I cut a 2 inch wide section from all 4 sides. Top/bottom/front/back.

After cutting, I finished the edges cleanly and proceeded to reconnect the sections with long 1 inch steel strips on the inside and rivets.

Here's a view with the previous cushion to show how much metal was removed.

New elbow cushion and Oak accent mounted.

Here is an afterthought to the finished console:

I finished the Console by making front and rear panels. Using matching material and vinyl.

I incorporated 2 pockets each with elastic openings sewn in. 4" deep pockets at the top for an iPhone and remote control and lower 8" pockets for iPhone charger/stereo connection cables, flashlight, etc.

Elastic opening pouches made of matching material in the front and black vinyl for the rear pockets.

Editor's Comment: Nice job, Steve. Looks great!

I installed a similar Smittybilt console on my '95 Wrangler which was (and still is) a little tight between the stock seats. However, it is working fine with the exception of the female seat belt arm that tends to get pulled out of place when the passenger seat is swung forward to allow someone into the back seat. Then it is a hassle to get the belt back into place between the seat and the console.

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Passenger Seat Belt Receiver
by: Steve Garan

I had the same Seat Belt catching problem with earlier consoles...6 inches wide eliminated all the problems and surprisingly there is still a lot of room inside the console. I am now reinventing the cup holder. I'll get back to you later on that one...

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