SWINDLE '97 Wrangler

by Tony B



Frame off resto mod of '97 TJ with 2001 DODGE RAM 2500 Drive-train.

Larry's Comment: Tony...I don't quite get your use of "SWINDLE". Is this an acronym, a pet name for your Jeep, or did you swindle or get swindled by someone?

More details would help also...such as what are some of the specific mods on this Jeep...assuming it is your Jeep?

The more information provided about a specific Jeep, and its connection to you the owner is what most readers like to see.

I'm not picking on you, Tony. There are a lot of good Jeeps submitted here with little or no details included. Many are just not usable and cannot be published simply on that basis.

Comments for SWINDLE '97 Wrangler

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by: Tony B

Dude seriously?!?!

You invite us to post our Jeeps...which gives your site a reason to exist...then critique the contents because you're too lazy to actually LOOK at the pic? TRANSFORMERS DECEPTICONS are more popular than your website will EVER be.

I give a rats ass what YOU or ANYONE thinks or what the "readers" want to see...this Jeep took 9 months of ass busting labor and 50K to build from the ground up...post it don't post it...I won't lose sleep either way.

I figured the DECEPTICON on the hood along with the Tansformers logo on the tub would give it away...guess not.

Larry's Reply: Sorry Dude...I guess I need to stop reading real books and get back into comic books and fantasy movies like I did when I was 8 years old.

Maybe you don't care what the "readers" want or think, but I do, and since it's my job to try and please them, and hopefully you too, that's what I'll do.

My comments were to encourage more detail from those who submit their Jeeps (it says that in the invitation), but some like you don't feel you need to follow instructions...but then again since comic books are your thing maybe the instructions were too advanced for you.

by: Tony B

You make me laugh...I like it!

You only allot us 3000 words per comment to describe our heaps...guess we could submit multiple comments...but that would seem like a lot of horn tooting. I think the Jeep pics should do most of the talking, yes?

I followed your suggestion...and re-read your comment...my apologies for my crass response to you sir. (I'm a good and fair sport like that).

I promise you I live in the very real world. I was a fan of the cartoon as a kid. When the movie came out I wanted to build a character I knew from the cartoon series but worthy of the DECEPTICON title. "SWINDLE" was an arms dealer btw. So we at TSC did exactly that. Built one from scratch.

I'll need another 3k words to actually list every mod done...the only thing original on this Jeep is the frame and even that was heavily modified.

I love the Jeep scene and all its awesome peoples...even you and your staff for allowing all of us to share...Thanx -Tony B

Larry's Reply: No harm done, Tony. I guess we both got off on the wrong foot.

When someone sends me a photo of a cool looking modified Jeep, I have no idea if they sent me something they saw online, or if it is indeed their own creation.

That is often the main reason I ask for more detail...and the fact that most readers can only drool over a Jeep as well made and cool looking as yours.

Sorry for getting personal. No way you could build this fine a specimen and just read comics and watch fantasy movies...ha!



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