The 2012 Wrangler

by Larry Morton

2012 Jeep Wrangler (File Photo)

2012 Jeep Wrangler (File Photo)

Surely by now you have heard a lot of the hype, test drives, and reviews of the 2012 Jeep Wrangler by the automotive gurus and journalists.

Does the new Wrangler push any or all of your "WOW" buttons...or does it leave you sort of flat?

I'm not making any judgements about it yet, but I really would like to know if this new Wrangler whets anyone's appetite for a new Jeep, or makes you want to look for a good use TJ instead?

The new Pentastar engine looks kind of cool and evidently has a lot of power and torque that was lacking in previous 3.8L JK's

The interiors on the newer Wranglers have been getting more "car-like" for some time now, and that trend seems to be getting even more prevalent. Do you like a plush car-like interior in a Wrangler...or would you be satisfied with the bare essentials?

What about manual everything as opposed to electronic everything? Do you like all of the computer operated and assisted functions in the new Wrangler...or would you like to return to simple manual control using your brain instead of a cyber-brain making many decisions for you?

I really want to know. Being a Do-It-Yourselfer I tend to like things as simple as possible (maybe because that is as much as my little brain can handle..ha!) I also understand that my views may not be shared by others, so help me out here.

Please, tell me what you think about the new generation of Wranglers. Is this a trend that excites you and makes you wish you had a 2012 Wrangler instead of that prissy little Prius? Would you be willing to trade your tried and true CJ, YJ, TJ or pre-2012 JK in on the new Wrangler if possible?

I'm all mean all eyes (since I can't really hear your responses). Comments below. Thanks!


Comments for The 2012 Wrangler

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Old School, New School or Reform School
by: Rich

I like my 2007 JKL Rubicon. I like the aftermarket upgrades that have brought it from Trail Tested to Trail Monster and the ESP and satellite radio have come in handy.

But it's a long way from basic bare-bones Jeeping and I am restoring a Kaiser/WILLYS 1962 CJ-3B to provide that experience as well.

Glad to see the Jeep line getting design attention and I can see where the initial V-6, especially if linked to an auto trans and stock gearing, could be considered too tame.

Won't be trading in my '07, though. Instead when replacement is justifiable I will seek a V-8 Hemi to swap in. I think this will have more growl and Jeep attitude than a more highly refined 6-banger.

New Wrangler
by: mike


From what I've seen of new Jeeps(mine's a CJ5) they leave me stone cold. I don't like car interiors, and I think they are mostly
cheap and nasty. I do however like modern fuel injection

My CJ's original carb and emission controls were unspeakable (accept swear word). I was so fed-up with it I nearly cut it up when it was 6 months old. The dealer was clueless and didn't care anyway.

I came across your(excellent)site looking at the JT truck and then found they didn't make them. Cheers for now.


Larry's Reply: Hang on for a bumpy ride, Mike...there's no telling where Fiat/Chrysler will be taking the Jeep brand in the future. We might end up with some Euro/Chinese Frankenstein cracker box with the Jeep logo attached. I hope not....

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