The Chrysler/Jeep Debaucle of 2009

by Scott

My feeling is that we are selling off all of our American icons such as Chrysler and Jeep to the highest bidder, and it makes me sick.

Practically everything we buy any more is made elsewhere. Heck, I can't even buy a decent belt anymore. They only last a few weeks and then I have to buy a new one. I applaud all the aftermarket Jeep entrepreneurs that make accessories for the Jeep. Most of them are well thought out and built, and many far exceed expectations. Three cheers for American ingenuity.

If we had the same laws that many other countries do and enforced them, then maybe we would not be in the pickle that we are in now, and I'm not just talking about cars.

Thanks for letting me blow off a little steam. I am a new victim of "Obamanomics".

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the debacle
by: Anonymous

Jeep has been under partial foreign ownership in the past (Renault and Daimler Benz), I want to see it survive reasonably intact, I'm less concerned about ownership. Of the various possible buyers, I think that Fiat is not a bad choice, they seem less inclined to try to mess around with the design (as VW or Toyota would likely do).

I'm a firm believer in free markets, and free markets mean no protectionism.

I don't necessarily agree with Mr. Obama, but this issue has very little to do with him.

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