The "Junkgler" Modified YJ

by Srdjan
(Valdivia, Chile)

Hi guys! I will start by saying that I bought this Jeep in 1996. It was almost new and from then until now it has been my never ending project, my hobby, my worst nightmare and my total happiness.

The day I brought it home it was a four-banger YJ "S" trim Jeep. It stayed almost stock until two years ago, when I decided to go into a major modifications project, so I start by swapping the 4-banger with a 1996 5.7 liter Chevy Vortec engine.

Of course knowing the drive train will not be strong enough for this chosen engine, I did replace it with a 1/2 ton Chevy drive train, Dana 44 front, GM 12 rear, an SM 465 gear box plus a NP 205 transfer case.

After that I changed the exterior color to a sort of olive green (always love that color). The tires are 35x15.5x15 Baja Claws on 15x10 steel rims.

I am sure that the upgrades and modifications are not finished, and of course I will let you know about that.

Srdjan, from Chile

Larry's Comment: Certainly no lack of power there, Srdjan.

Nice looking Jeep!

Comments for The "Junkgler" Modified YJ

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by: Dave

Love that color. Can you tell me the color code please?

Color name/ code
by: Derek

Ditto on the color.

by: Rick

Several years ago (more than 15) I was reading a four wheel drive magazine. (Don't remember the name of it.) But there was an article on a Dodge Ramcharger that somebody had built, and it was painted to match the color of a military vehicle. I'm not sure if it was the EXACT same color as the "Junkgler" Jeep, but it was pretty darn close. And for some reason I've never forgotten the name of the color. It was called "Olive Drabb Green". I have no idea about a "number" for the color, I just remember it was called "Olive Drabb Green". Hopefully this will help. Happy Trails!!

by: Srdjan

Hi Guys,

Sorry for replying so late but I have been out for a while. I took this color from a military spray can, therefore I have no name or number of it. Nevertheless, I am pretty agree with the fact that it can be a Olive Drab Green.

Olive Drab Green
by: YJ Bantum

Referred to in the military as (OD Green). It's been the color standard in The US Army for decades.

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