by Christopher K.

I believe that one of the best off road vehicles is the Jeep Commander. I own one myself, and I wouldn’t own any other vehicle. I have taken it off road before and it did well. It was of course a bumpy ride, but it is expected since you are tackling mother nature herself. These are gas hogs, but they still get way better gas mileage than Hummer’s. Hummer’s tend to be extremely big and very hard to maintain, it practically wants to drive itself. I purchased my Commander for around thirty-five thousand dollars, which may seem expensive, but when compared to Hummer’s it is very cheap. They are very stylish SUVs and they aren’t just built for the roads. They can handle decent sizes hills and plenty of small ditches. I have heard that Hummer’s have very rough rides on roads and I can never imagine myself driving one off road. It may be able to handle steeper hills and bigger ditches, but it would be a terribly rough ride and would be one of the worst cars for comfort. I suggest purchasing the Jeep Commander, it will save you plenty of gas compared to the Hummer. It will also save you tens and thousands of dollars.

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Jeep Commander
by: Anonymous

Have 2006 Jeep Commander. First year the engine went. Six months later went to turn it on, dead.
Third year leaking transmission and dash lights kept coming on. Driving in dark lights turn off.
Problem? Computer is shot, giving off bad reading. Only six years old with, 49,000m.

Chyrsler giving me very hard time about fixing the car once and for all, on their dime as they claim it is off warranty. True enough, but since day one for the past six years there is always a problem with one thing or another. Chrystler needs to honor their products and if the product has a continuous never ending problem from day one they should take it back or overhaul it right.

The first mechanic that took the engine out, CRUSHED the wires to the computer when he put the engine back. My mechanic fixed it BUT the computer itself is blown from constantly shorting out over 3 years, which my mechnic could not figure out WHY the computer is sending off bad readings on parts that were just replaced!! UNTIL HE ACTUALLY TOOK OUT THE ENGINE AND FOUND THE WIRES CRUSHED.
Chrystler NEEDS to honor their committment of products normal longevity. THIS COMMANDER's longevity of soundness was LESS THAN ONE YEAR...after that it is one thing after another.

Don't speak of what you don't know
by: Wheels his H3s

You seem to love your Commander and that is great but you shouldn't speak of things you don't know. You talk about how rough Hummer's ride but apparently have never been in one let alone driven one. Sure, an H1 is like driving a tractor but it is also in no way a comparison to the Commander. An H2 has a very comfortable ride and having driven both I know it's better than the Commander. The H3 has just as good a ride as the Commander but if you get the off road suspension option it is a bit rougher. Think about this though, if you are looking for road comfort why would you get the off road package? As far as off road capability I would put a base H3 up against a Commander any day let alone one with the off road package or an H1/H2. Never taken or seen a Commander wheeling so maybe they are better than I would expect but if that's the case why don't we ever hear about their capabilities. As far as price, you can get a well equipped H3 for what you spent on your Commander so how would it save you thousands? Sure, if you compare it to an H2 but there isn't really a comparison between the two. Wheel and daily drive what you want and be happy with it but don't speak about things you obviously don't know anything about.

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