What Do You Want From Jeep?

by Larry H. Morton

Concept Jeep

Concept Jeep

Chrysler/Fiat (or is it Fiat/Chrysler?) now firmly has the reins of the Jeep brand. Sales seem to be pretty good. More people than ever have jumped onto the seven slotted bandwagon. Marketing is pretty cool for the most part.

So, what's next? Jeep has always toyed with new concepts, or new improvements on established platforms. But, what does the consumer want?

If you've noticed, the trends of being innovative and different have become a thing of the past in the automotive industry. Car companies prior to the early 1970's used to pride themselves on being different and willing to take risks. Almost every year the new models looked radically different from the previous years, giving customers more styles and options to choose from.

Also, the customer could order the model and accessories he or she wanted. If you wanted all power, no power, or a mixed bag of power options it was doable often to the extent of being shipped from the factory to the dealership as a special order if needed.

Why do you think most vehicles today are pre-loaded with a myriad of standard features that years ago would have been on a long list of options for the customer to choose from? Well, that's another topic for another time.

Getting back to "what's next?" for Jeep. I hope that your comments below might provide some tasty meat for the folks at the Jeep division to chew on.

What do you think would be innovative, practical, or even outrageous for Jeep to consider in the near or distant future? Any and all ideas are welcome.

A simple example is one that I have thought about for a while. How about a full sized (SUV) Jeep Wrangler with great on and off-road capability, plenty of storage and passenger space...with a big honkin' diesel engine. Hmmm?

Larry H. Morton

Comments for What Do You Want From Jeep?

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Wrangler YJ is the BEST.
by: Karim

We want Chrysler to put the Wrangler YJ back into product FOREVER.

All Jeeps from 1997 till now, are so UGLY.

Old, But New...
by: Anonymous

Look at say one of the 1st of Willys Jeep models, maybe one in CJ-2 or CJ-3B, and make the old body over a new undercarriage with the current safety but the older look of a 1950's Willys.

I would order one in advance and I'm sure others would also, with the many individuals that have talked about this around campfires and the many hill climbs I have been in around this world. It would be a winner.

Having good power and clearance will help with the selling of this Jeep to many, and some may want this new, but "old" Jeep raised up some. And then there are those that will never take this off-road but want the look...

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