Why Girls Love Jeeps

by Shirli
(SF/East Bay California)

Jeep TJ

Jeep TJ "Bamboo" (File Photo)

I was 32 and it was love at first sight with a yellow TJ Jeep. I was married then and a lot of my "material" desires were put on hold.

I'm now 39, separated, and a TJ owner for a month now. It is now January 31, 2010 and it's a gift for myself this new year! I like the TJ the most and that's why I bought an '05 model.

Bragging aside, I can afford a brand new Wrangler, but I opted for a TJ due to its overall design. Exterior color is green and interior is black, taupe & khaki. Although it wasn't my first color choice, it was there with my top three...yellow, red, green.

It's tough to find an automatic, hard top and be picky with the color. I just made sure it's a good buy - low mileage, no mechanical issues, very good body, no dents, no rusts or anything like that.

My male friends were the devil's advocate, discouraging me due to the poor gas mileage, noise, and rough ride. I told them I don't care about those anymore and I know what I got myself into. The one thing I regret is I waited this long to own one. Nevertheless, it's here and I'm happy with Bamboo!

There's my answer - love at first sight. It's my toy. The first owner loved his dog so much Bamboo had dog hair all over. I already had it professionally washed, did more steam cleaning myself from carpet to cloth
upholstery and still...I find dog hair. I couldn't take it any longer so I disassembled the center console, removed all carpet so I can clean it thoroughly.

I decided to change out the seat material from cloth to leather/vinyl katzkin. I'm a short driver so the driver seat will be customized for my comfort. I also like sitting high like with the Land Rovers, so a spacer will be used to achieve that. I might also have the accelerator pedal moved a little closer to me because I don't like being too close to the steering wheel.

It's my only vehicle and my companion everyday. I ordered Polk db speakers and can't wait to install them with the help of crutchfield tech. I have zero experience in tinkering car audio system so this is my first.

Bamboo behaves very well - no issues whatsoever. One thing I just have to remember all the time is drive more cautiously to the curve specially on the freeway. I used to drive a sports car and driving at high speed to a curve is seamless.

With the wrangler, it's very scary. One night, I forgot the long curve ahead and I was driving at the max speed (California). I tell you, I released my foot on the accelerator and didn't want to tap the brake while at that sharp turn. Whew I was just so lucky that I didn't roll over.

So you girls, drive safely and happy driving!

Larry's Comment: Great story! Jeep Lovin' girls are awesome!

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Why Girls Love Jeeps
by: Anonymous

Just for the record I think you'll sit a little higher in the TJ than in the Land Rover. You have more money in the bank and you can find more aftermarket parts. OH YEAH!! Good Luck with her!

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