Why I choose Jeep

by B.L.D.

Unless it was the original Hummer, I would have to choose a Jeep. They are more convenient and don’t guzzle down the gas as bad, although, neither of them get very good gas mileage. If they were the same exact price I would have to take the Hummer because of the finish, but we aren’t talking about how nice the inside is. We want to take these things off road.

Jeeps have had a long standing reputation as a great off-road vehicle and they will never let you down. The Unlimited has an impressive approach angle of 44.4 degrees and a departure angle of 40.5 degrees, making it a very capable vehicle with its 17 inch wheels on 32-inch off road tires. If you add an aftermarket suspension system and larger tires things definitely get interesting and fun.

The downside to the Jeep is that it is a complete slug when it comes to the roadway. The passing on freeways resembles that of a Chevy Cavalier pulling a trailer. Add bigger tires to the equation and you have successfully created a pokey gas hog..that just happens to be amazing off road. There are few people that look at gas mileage when it comes to off roading. It is about the thrill not the pocket book. Also, you will more than likely require repairs during intense off road excursions and those repairs will definitely be cheaper with the Jeep.

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