Will Never Sell My Wrangler!

by Susan
(Cave Creek, Arizona)

I have owned my 1995 Jeep Wrangler with the Rio Grande package since '96 (the year that they produced no Jeep Wrangler Models). I have the five speed stick. To this day I still love this vehicle. I have driven it in the desert where the temperature topped out around 120 degrees as well as in the Northeast in near blizzard conditions. I was lucky enough to use it as a second vehicle and so my mileage is under 60,000 miles! I think that I will be driving this when I'm eighty and then pass it on to my favorite grandkid!

I love driving this car off road and on surface streets. I don't like highway driving with it though. Recently I drove with my nephew who has a Jeep Wrangler a couple of years old and on the highway it was quiet and enjoyable.

People are constantly asking me to let them know when I am selling my Jeep. I keep telling them they better not wait for me because it isn't going to be for sale. I have hauled a lot of things around in the Jeep and while it isn't built to be a cargo type SUV, I have to say I've managed to fill it up with lumber, plants, suitcase, even a huge bird cage once (which was a lot easier getting in than it was getting out).

The worse part about owning a Jeep is when I'm not in it and I wave to a fellow Jeep owner and they look at me like I'm invisible.

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