Willys Universal Tractor CJ5

by R. Anderson
(Johnson, NY)

Jeep Tractor

Jeep Tractor

Found a jeep tractor with a 3pt hitch and PTO.

Anybody have some real info on these? Always wanted one one of these. After 20 years of searching, and a 10 hour drive , a 1965 CJ5 Jeep tractor is now mine to restore .

Anyone with some info on these would be greatly appreciated. Rich

Larry's Comment: Rich..I sent you some information in response to your "Contact Me" question before I knew you had already placed the submission above. Sorry!

Your '65 CJ5 Willys Jeep may be a modified "Jeep tractor" where there were specifically designed CJ3A and CJ3B Jeep Tractors made just for farming from 1951 through 1954 according to the source I sent you (below).


However, information about these farm rigs is sketchy and often difficult to pin down.

Anyone with more information about these Jeep Tractors please add your "comments" below.

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Jeep tractor
by: jc

The PTO shaft is for the PTO driven winches that could be ordered stock from the factory with the Jeep.

Someone just figured out how to route it to the back and attached hookup equipment from a farm tractor to the back of this Willys.

Jeep 1965 CJ5 with PTO Bush Hog and plow
by: thomas

I got a 1965 CJ5 Jeep with a PTO Bush Hog and plow and was wanting to know how much it was worth, and if any one would be interested in giving it a good home. If anyone is interested please call me at 937-472-8312 ask for Thomas Tryen. I want to sell it because my father-in-law has cancer and needs to go to the Cancer Center of America and needs money to get there. Please if anyone is interested call Thomas 937-472-8312 in Eaton, OH. Thank you.

Drive line from PTO transfer to the actual PTO
by: Jim MacMillan

I have a 1965 CJ5 Farm Jeep. It is a K series made by Kaiser Motor Corp. It is missing the drive shaft from the PTO transfer case to the actual PTO (which is present on the back of the Jeep).


PTO driveshaft
by: Bill

I have one for sale on the CJ3a Forum.

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