Woe is Me. Jeep Grand Cherokee Troubles

by Richard
(Tunica, Mississippi)

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee (File Photo)

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee (File Photo)

I had a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee that my wife and I both loved.

A kid here in town kept on me about selling it to him. I finally relented and gave him an inflated price. He never batted an eye and brought the cash the same day.

After about two years, I wanted another Grand Cherokee like the one I sold. I found a 1995 in January of 2010 for a good price, but it had a weak transmission.

I bought it, went deer hunting in it the next day and the transmission went out before I could get home. It was expected, so I didn't loose much sleep over it.

A friend told me about a transmission shop in Memphis that would rebuild it for a good price. I towed the Jeep up there around January 14, 2010. The guy at the shop called me the first week of February and said it was ready. I went and picked it up that same day.

I made it about ten miles and the transmission went out again. I called the shop and the guy said no problem, bring it back and he would do the repairs for no charge because it was under warranty for a year.

It has been there ever since.

The problem was not so much the transmission, it was the transfer case. The chain in the transfer case would bind, lock up and destroy the gears in the transmission.

The kid that bought my '94 Grand Cherokee gave it to his younger brother who rolled it over into a ditch and totaled it sometime in August, so I bought the transmission, transfer case, front drive shaft (the one in the '95 was stripped) and overdrive unit and took it to be installed in the '95.

During the year that the Grand Cherokee has been in the shop, someone stole the license plate and had a hit and run accident in Memphis. I had to go and prove to the Memphis P.D. that it was not my Jeep involved in the wreck. That took some doing.

Anyway, now the transmission is fine, the transfer case is fine. The big problem is that the yoke where the front drive shaft connects to the front drive axle is different from the '95. I am having a difficult time finding a yoke that will work. The '94 is for a U-joint connection and the '95 is for a C.V. joint connection.

Will they interchange? HELP!!

I still would love to get this thing on the road again but it looks like I'm snake bit on this deal.

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Help still needed.
by: Anonymous

I finally got my Jeep from the shop. It was there for two years. Now it needs a 3.55 ring and pinion gear in the front drive axle. The front end growls to the point it gets annoying.

I have not been able to find one in a salvage yard. Anybody got one for a reasonable price. I mean real cheap.

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