YJ Wrangler! The Overlooked Jeep

by Josh Taylor
(Elko, Nevada, USA)

1990 Wrangler YJ (File Photo)

1990 Wrangler YJ (File Photo)

First off the YJ Wrangler is the black sheep in the family with square headlights, and it is viewed as the stepping stone in between the CJ dynasty and the family oriented TJ.

These Jeeps are not given enough credit with the bulletproof inline 6-cyl. and the stylish boxy body. To me these are the perfect years of Jeeps. They are not ancient (sorry Willys fans), but they are not so new that you have more electrical work than mechanical.

They are great for the weekend warrior with the inline 6, variety of great transmissions, and if your lucky the NP 231 transfer-case.

The weekend warrior is also able to have the better stability and handling on road with the redesigned (from the CJ's) suspension.

For the people looking to upgrade to a V8, well your in luck. Most of the transmissions and the transfer-cases in the YJ's will handle a decent small block without worry of destroying them. There is also plenty of room in the engine compartment to handle the new engine (which is considerably larger than the CJ's).

No more did the hardcore enthusiast have to replace the frames when creating an off road machine with the new frames in the YJ's. They are able to handle much more and even still have room in the engine compartment for the big block lovers.

The YJ still holds true to its past with the off road capabilities and yet dabbles in the luxuries of on road performance!

To me the best Jeep there is!!!!!

Larry's Comment: Josh, I too am a big fan of the YJ Wrangler!

Comments for YJ Wrangler! The Overlooked Jeep

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Love the YJ as well
by: jeffjeep

Great to see love for the YJ. As a Chrysler employee who worked in the Brampton Canada YJ plant from '87 till it closed in 1992 we built some really cool Jeeps. Glad to see the Jeep brand is still growing.

YJ for me too!
by: John E.

Love my '94 YJ Sahara 4.0 5-speed with 217,000 miles and only a valve job at 75K.

The now rare/unique square lights is a badge of pride, not "black sheep". To that extent, I have a decal across my windshield, "Save the Squares" with an image of the square lights grill in the middle of it. As well, I'm licensed with the retro/classic black/yellow California plates personalized to read, "SQLITES".

That, and an insane JBL sound system (with an under-chassis sub woofer enclosure) makes this a sweet rig.

Why I chose the YJ
by: Anonymous

I bought a brand new Black CJ7 Renegade in 1980 "first year of the 4-spd. trans" and drove it everywhere for seven years but had had enough and sold it.

Forward 31 years and I get the need for another off road vehicle and see that if I want to find a Jeep that hasn't been destroyed by back yard engineers my best bet was a YJ and even better one with the cursed 4-cylinder engine, but I wanted a '95 because of the galvanized body...and I found the perfect one for me!

Goes everywhere I want it to on 31 inch tires and in spite of the BS will cruise at 75 mph in 5th gear on the highway. I knew that if it was run in tip top shape every 20 thousand miles I'd throw in a new timing chain which takes me about an hour.

I'm a retired mechanic so the little things don't bother me.

Editor's Comment: Nothing wrong with the old school YJ's. Enjoy!

YJ 1989
by: Anonymous

The YJ is the last of the real Jeep in design and character. The new Jeeps have become just another overbuilt luxury auto with a 4x4 to kick in when needed. Most never see a dusty road.

The old school is gone away with the old pack of real Jeeps, eat a little dust, sore butt, and with hours in the mountains or the desert knowing you have had a good day away from the new shiny tin cans.

Jeep! you need to make one again, a real Jeep that is not a car with a Jeep logo. What are you thinking? YJ's and older wear the Jeep brand and are Jeeps that make memories instead of today's auto~Jeep.

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