1962 Willys Pickup - 48 Years Young

by George Marshall
(Altamont, NY)

Willys and dogs...

Willys and dogs...


In July of 2009, while travelling to our camp in the Adirondacks, we passed a 1962 Willys Truck for sale at a local garage. My wife and I immediately fell in love with it, but reserved decision.

On the same trip a week later - the "For Sale" sign was gone. We were heartbroken, and for the balance of the summer - during our near weekly trips to the camp - we lamented our loss. Yet the truck sat at the same garage.

My wife, being a wise business person, suggested I contact the owner as, in her words "no deal is ever final". So, after a summer-long love affair with the truck, I called the Garage owner. He stated that the deal fell through, but that he had listed it on Ebay that morning on behalf of the owner.

He provided me with the owners information, and after nervously watching the bidding, I contacted her. Ebay came-up short, my wife and I somehow found the cash, and in September we brokered a deal for the truck.

The body (newly repainted), engine and drive-train are excellent. Interior needs little work. We love the Truck - as do our (five) children and two dogs (pictured).

Thanks for the opportunity to tell our story. -

George Marshall
Altamont, NY

Larry's Comment: George...I don't know what it is about these old Willys trucks, but they just knock my socks off when I see them...and yours is a beauty. Thanks for sharing your story.

Comments for 1962 Willys Pickup - 48 Years Young

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Fun having a Jeep
by: Anonymous

It sure is fun having a old Jeep isn't it? Good luck with her. I hope you smile every time you look at her.

A old Jeep

by: Meeker

My father (deceased) owned a Willys pickup very much like this one. Looking back now, it was truly unbelievable what that truck was asked to do and normally did with no problem. We were dairy farmers back then and it served as a farm vehicle, fox hound hauler, and you name it we did it in that Willys pickup.

In its older years the brakes totally failed on my father one morning and he was lucky to escape unharmed. Our neighborhood mechanic advised my father that it was past time to retire the Willys unless he was willing to spend an awful lot of money on it. So away it went. (We were farmers not mechanics.)

Lots of good memories though. So today this 60 year old grandfather has a yearning for a Jeep Wrangler as a toy. Times are not the best but perhaps in the next year or two it could happen.

It is true, there is just something about owning a Jeep.

by: Steve

I would have to say also that I love the pickups as well as the wagons. When I was a kid my great Uncle had a wood sided wagon and I fell in love with the style, still love em.

Good luck with your baby. Do I see an extended cab in the future to accommodate all the children? :)

ex-Willys owner
by: leonardo

I love your '62 Willys.
I owned a 1963 Willys pickup in the early 80's.
I had the 230 tornado engine rebuilt, frame worked on,new wiring just to mention a few things.
I sold it in the late 80's because of a family situation. I have regretted it every day since.
I will retire this year from teaching. I have taught for 39 great years. I am now looking to buy another Willys.
Good luck with your truck !!!!

I have parts and am local
by: Tom Koval

Hi, just read your story, I think I saw your truck when it was for sale. I'm restoring a '61. I have parted a few out if you need any parts. I'm right near Clifton Park. 518-857-1238


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